Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Breaking the Apathy Cycle

I feel pretty bad for not blogging. but like, I have nothing big to blog about. I don't do anything big. But then I remember that i've blogged about stuff other than my own life before so why is now different? I'm just really lazy, and still feeling reasonably apathetic about things but also excited for things. My birthday is coming up which is great. And I have money which is REALLY great. My job is slowly sucking my will to live but I get a bit of a break soon for Christmas and new years and then again at the end of January with Australia day and my Nimbin trip. I've decided that Februry 1, things are going to change. Both my summer roadtrips will be done, my Christmas Euro-trip will be just 9 months away, and I should have a few grand in the bank.

I have decided that I AM going to study next year. I can't really afford it but I can manage. I mean, the course I can pat for without to much trouble, it's just I can't imagine affording the course and then being able to afford Europe. But really, I can just get a new job. Or a second job. Or try and get more hours at this one (even though I mostly hate it I don't really want to leave? Go figure). Or get a small personal loan. Or borrow off my family. Or win the lotto (I seriously plan a great life around doing this but never buy a ticket because not winning would be so dissapointing when I've already got an imaginary... say.... 3 million and I've spent it on a fabulous waterfront place in Hunters Hill or somewhere equally amazing, furnished the place to perfection, my dream career (money can get pretty much everything), and any holidays I feel like at the drop of a hat).

There are so many things I can do! I mean let's face it, you don't actually need to have the money for something then and there to be "able to afford it". All I need is like $10,000 which when you think about it, really isn't that much. And it makes NO sense for me to put off studying for a year, keep doing what I'm doing which is getting me nowhere, creating this terrible apathy cycle in me and making me question if I'm EVER going to get "somewhere" with my life, just to make sure I can afford to go on this trip. I mean what would I do then? Have extra money for my trip, manage to spend all of it anyway and come back and find I'm back to square one- wanting to study but having no money for it. I have the money now (well like half of it, but I should have at least most of it by Feb and you can pay it off over 3 months). I want to do it now. And I should just do it.

I still would very much love to just win a chunk of money so I didn't have to worry so much about things. Like if I won $10,000 right now that would be my course and my trip paid for, and then any extra money I make in the next YEAR could go to things like a laptop, camera stuff, some other short courses for photography stuff, clothes etc. I even bought two scratchies today. Spent $9 and got back $7- but considering only 1/5 scratchies is a winner, I have some pretty good luck there. And really if I won $10,000 I'd be a bit dissapointed that I wouldn't be able to splurge on something useless right now because I need that money. And I'd feel guilty for keeping it all for myself. And like I didn't really deserve it.

So basically, I had a bit of an epiphany the other day and gave myself a mental kick up the arse.

You know what? You're fucking doing this. Stop making stupid excuses and just do it. There's no point saying 'Oh I'd love to do this course,'. Just fucking do it. Europe will still be there. And if you need more money, you'll fucking find a way. You only work 20 hours a week. There are a LOT more hours you could fill up. It is not hard. At all.
So I'm pretty excited for the next few months. I just hope I like the course because if it's a joke I'm screeeeeewed haha.

-m xx

p.s. still tumbling quite enthusiastically. I make up for not posting here with all the mini-posts I do on tumblr. And I have 27 followers now- I mean blogger never got me that. AND my friends actually use it, which is cool. J even got one! TUMMMBBBLLLLRRRR

Monday, September 19, 2011

My last post was almost two weeks ago. I'm sorry, But like, nothing exciting enough to do a real post about has happened. I'm working. And hanging with friends. And chilling on the couch with boyfriend. Oh and I joined a gym! That's new.

Summer is around the corner and I'm super excited. I've got not one but TWO roadtrips planned with friends- one to Coffs Harbour over New Years, we're staying in aa 4 bedroom apartment on the beach which should be awesome, and one to Nimbin at the end of January, where we will be staying in cute little canvas perma-tents and this awesome hostel that has a pool and everything. It should be great.

I do wish I had been blogging more. But I'm feeling generally apathetic about most things lately. I'm just bored I guess. I basically hate my job- it's the same shit every day and I spend all week waiting for my next day off/the weekend and then hey guess what the weekend comes and goes and it's Monday again. It's something I've always done- spent all my time waiting and not actually appreciating the present. I'm trying to break out of it by enjoying the little things that are good about every day. For instance today James cooked bolognese and it was awesome. And I had a healthy lunch and felt good about myself. And I went bare legged today and got to work on my tan. And the weather is nice. And my hair is getting long. And I found out that having a coffee a day increases your metabolism by 10%. See? there's lots to enjoy during the week.

Ramshackle had their first gig with their new drummer Matt on Saturday night. The lighting was shit unfortunately but I got some snaps and once I sort them there may even be a few up here! That's basically everything I have to report. I had a pre-cognitive dream about a conversation with a work client which is about as exciting as my life gets.

OK so I seem a bit whiney today and I just need to say that my life is actually pretty awesome. most of the time. It's just the three or four days of work that kind of suck. Like I don't like my job but there's no point quitting and getting a new one that doesnt have any direction to it. I just need to work out what my next big step is. I want to go to FBI and study fashion business but it's like $4,000 and I'm like scared of asking my parents if they will pay for it. And I can't afford it. Especially since I'm going to Europe and hopefully America like the end of next year. I need direction in my life to drive me.

But apart from that I have 3-4 days off a week. I'm now going to the gym which actually makes me feel really good and hopefully soon look really good too! I spend a lot of time with my school friends. I get to sleep next to my boyfriend every night and we don't fight. I make enough to save and live comfortably. I work in one of the coolest parts of Sydney. I hang out with friends every weekend. I have a fair amount of freedom. I got a spontaneous tattoo the other day. It's getting hot. I'm going to have a fabulous summer. I give money to charity. I win money on scratchies. I can enjoy a drink or two of an evening.

I recently learnt that happiness is 50% pre-determined. The other 50% is only 10% life circumstances and 40% daily activities. So of the happiness we can control, almost all of it is simply what we do each day. It doesn't matter if you have money, a good job, a relationship, skinny legs so long as you make sure you do something you enjoy every day. Since then I've been actually doing things on my days off and I no longer have that feeling of wasting a day and essentially my life.

Ok so this is a big ramble with no real theme to it. But that's ok.

And now because someone will probably read this and think I'm depressed, which I'm not (just apathetic.) here's a smiley face:


-m xx

Peace out!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Oh Bloggr I've been neglecting you!

Oh, sorry, it's Blogger isn't it? Is that it? It's been so long!

You see, I made a new friend. Their name is Tumblr and we've been hanging out a LOT. Oh the fun we have, blogging and reblogging. We even have 7 followers. I know it's soon but I think this could be the one!

Basically as well continually scrolling up on my iPhone to refresh my Tumblr dashboard I've been working, enjoing the amazing warm weather (hit 27 today. Summer!), booking an incredible summer road trip to Nimbin with 11 of my nearest and dearest (143 days dammit fuck. FUCK) winning on scratchies, getting the shock of my life at the ATM when my tax came through and my balance was $1300 more than I was expecting, watching the Living End be awesome whilst putting up with middle-aged mosh douchebags, getting my 90s on at Teen Spirit and looking up gym memberships.

That pretty much sums up the last 4 days. I'm off to work for the next two days then the weekend begins. I'm seriously loving the warm weather, every sunny day feels like I'm on summer holidays. I can't wait till Summer, it really is a fabulous time of year. Despite the crazy heat and humidity that we're charmed with downunder. Seriously, if Summer could just be 27 with a nice, cool-ish breeze every day my life would be awesome. Friday I am planning to actually head down to my local Fernwood and fork out a shit load of money for a 3 month membership. I'll soon be foxy for sure.

Yeah that's it. I'm sure I'll be back regularly soon.

But while you wait, feel free to tumble with me.

-m xx

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I actually had a really productive day today! It's my day off from work and normally I spend the day watching one of my shows and wishing I was doing something that actually made me feel like I hadn't wasted a day. And though I did watch some Gossip Girl today it was only two episodes! And I also cleaned the bathroom. And my fish tank. And showered. And LEFT THE HOUSE for a catch up with Kasey.

But most impressively I finally did my final assignment. Finally final.

Which means I am just days away from getting my certificate. And then I can start sorting out the next course I want to do. I'm planning on going to The Fashion Business Institute in Glebe to do a certificate 4 in Fashion Business. I think I'll really enjoy the classes and you choose your own timetable as you go- basically they list all the available days/times for classes and you just call up to book the one that works for you.

In other news I should be lodging my tax return in the next couple of days so I'm super excited for getting that. I think I'll organise for it to be direct debited into my savings account so I can't spend it all. That way I'll have a big chunk to start off my savings which should help encourage me to actually put money in every pay. I have a lot to save up for. I really need my own lap top and my tax eturn should acutally be enough for it but I really want to at least double that amount before I get one so I still have a fair chunk left. I'm a bit strange about money like that. I like to just accumulate it. And for it to keep increasing. I love buying things but I hate having less money afterwards. But money is only covetable because you can buy things with it- it's not worht having if it just sits there.

Aside from a computer I have my next trip to save up for. Now that I've finally paid off my last one I can get a bit excited about it, even if it is about 16months away. I'm currently starting to organise a small Summer road trip with a few friends since I missed out on the snow trip this year. The current plan is to head North for around a week, spending half in Nimbin and half in Byron Bay. It should be fabulous. It'll be a great chilled trip- almost like a Schoolies 2.0. Nimbin is a really great place and I haven't spent much time in Byron but who doesn't love a lazy beach town? It's just in the opening planning stages and it's a trip I wanted to do last Summer but it didn't happen so I'm hoping we can get it together this time.

I can't wait to get paid tomorrow- I can finally shop!

-m xx

p.s. just pressed "send" on my final assignment. So exciting!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vid of the Week: "HE WON'T TRUST YOU NOW!"

Yes, I know, it's been a while.
But I've been super busy with work the last couple of weeks and when i do have time off there's nothing to blog about because I've just been working, see? But next thursday I'll be rich so it's all worth it.

Oh, didn't i tell you? That's right, I paid off my Europe debts. I am now a free woman. No longer will all my excess money go straight into my sister's account. I can buy shit now. On a regular basis! And save money! Woah!

Ok anyway so it IS a Sunday which means it's time for a video. Now I had a temporary hiatus from my vids of the week because my computer was being a dick and wouldnt even load youtube videos. And since I can't watch them, I can't decide if I like them, can I? Anyway, problem seems to be fixed for now.

This video is hilarious.


I'll be back on Wednesday, I promise. Even if I just blog about not having something to blog about.

-m xx

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


So I'm sitting here at home, on my day off, having just finished Ugly Betty (yes. All four seasons. Great show. Makes me so happy when they start dressing Willhelmina in colour in season 3 and 4.) and thinking i should do something semi constructive like work on my final assignment. Nope can't do that because I feel like I'm being stabbed in the uterus and I can hardly take a photo of a potato being peeled when I'm the only one home, can I? The I think, maybe I should post on my blog? "I have nothing to post about my blah blah apathy blah."

Then, miracle of miracles, I remember this wee gem that I started last week and I figure I may as well continue it. Since my cookie post was so popular (2 comments, hells yes) I figure it's a good idea to share some more of my hilarious culinary wisdom with my instructions on how to make a top notch pizza. Because you may have notice I make pizza A LOT. I'm quite the expert, see?

1. First you need to gather your ingredients. You will need a standard oven, a ready made pizza base (think you're top shit and can roll out you're own dough? As with cookies, this is no place for you!) pizza sauce, grated cheese and your preferred toppings. I personally love prosciutto, sliced tomato and feta, but it's up to you. This is YOUR pizza. But if you put capsicum or olives on that shit you're not my friend.

2. Next you need to put a saucey base on your base. I love garlic, so I use abotu a teaspoon of that and a shit load of pre-bottled pizza sauce. Put them both on, then spread them- garlic doesnt spread so well on it's on. Be liberal. A saucey pizza is a good pizza in my books. (Just remember if it's really saucey it will also be really hot. I have been known to burn the roof of my mouth.

3. next comes the cheese. I apply cheese underneath and on top of my toppings, so don't despair if you think the below shot looks lacking of cheesey goodness. Besides, too much cheese leads to obesity and heart attacks. I like to save my calloric intake for the feta.

4. Apply your chosen toppings. I use a whole roma tomato, sliced and then halved, 3 or 4 slices or prosciutto/serrano and a generous helping of feta. I also add pepper because it's nummy.

5. When your toppings are in place, cover them with a sprinkling of cheese. You may notice a distinct lack of feta in these photos. My mother had used it all the the previous nights salad. I wasn't too impressed. But you'll just have to imagine it's there.

6. When your pizza is ready for the melty-crispification process, put it in the oven at 180 for 10 minutes or so. Normally, after 10 minutes, it will require a little more time but always check the base to see how crunchy it is first- we all have crunch preferances.

7. Take your pizza out and cut it. Most people cut it into 8 slices. But really. You KNOW you're gonna eat the whole thing. It may as well be in larger pieces so you can say you only ate 4 slices of pizza. No one needs to know you ate 4 quarters. And yes. That is REAL steam rising off that pizza- not the ol' wet tampon in a microwave trick that Dominoes use.

8. Enjoy your pizza.
featuring my new hair style.

-m xx

Friday, July 29, 2011


I went bra shopping the other day for the first time in over a year. And I've learnt why I avoided it for so long. It's just so ridiculous. Every shop is entirely different and it's impossible to even know where to begin! For me, price is a huge priority- it absolutely disgusts me that an item that 50% of the population wear every day can cost so much. Especially considering there isn't exactly a whole lot of material involved.

Because of my cheapness, the first place I tend to look is Cotton On Body. Or at least it was. Having measured myself as a 10D-DD, I went straight there, because it was the only place I knew of that stocked bras of that size for less than $40. In I went, feeling optimistic about leaving my life of ill-fitting lingerie behind, and plucked both sizes off the rack. Knowing that it's always best to go for the larger when you're between sizes, I tried the DD first. To my surprise and disappointment, it was too small. In the cup. Around the back, it fit perfectly. Having worn a 12C for the last year I was happy to actually feel the back strap touching me, instead of this odd piece of material swinging from my shoulders. But I was undeniably suffering from double-boob syndrome- where a bra cup is too small and pushes everything up and over, creating a looovely bump effect.

Disheartened, I gave up. I couldn't afford to spend more than $10 or $15 on a bra and had no idea where else to look. But last weekend, after a few days of shopping online for entirely unnecessary items such as tutus and capes, I realise I miraculously still had some extra cash so I decided to try again. First, after such fun with the online browsing I found a 10DD plain black bra on ebay (new, not second hand. Ew) for $25 including express postage. Then, I went to Target, because I knew they stocked some brands such as Lovable, which my 10DD grandmother has told me is the only brand that fits her properly. Miraculously, they even had some in their own line so I grabbed a few and trotted to the change room full of optimism.

Now, the thing I hate most about bra shopping is trying them on. It's just so tedious. Getting practically nekkid, throwing one on, adjusting the straps, loosening/tightening the back, leaning forward and jiggling the bits into place (Really. The signs on the change room door even recommend it.) and examining from all angles to find out that no- this one doesn't fit either. Saturday was no exception.

A word to the wise: Target bras are really small in the back. My skin turned red trying on the 10s. After spending 20 minutes finding and trying on a handful of bras I had to start again. This time I only grabbed one, figuring the sizes would be consistent. I went for the 12D and though I wasn't certain it was quite big enough in the cup I really didn't want to face the change room attendant again so I just went with it and bought a few.

$70 later, I have three bras that sort of fit. But I'm a damn sight better off than I was before. Studies show that over 80% of women wear the wrong size bra and well, how can that be surprising when there's no standard in sizing? Every store has different measurements. Even if you do find a size that fits, it isn't long before the shoulder and back straps stretch to the point that they no longer do. If you're blessed with a larger chest (ooh she rhymes) you're forced to spend more than those who aren't so "lucky"- it's hardly luck to have trouble finding a bra that even fits on top of all the other problems that large busted women have to endure and I now, to a point, understand. After 5 years of being a 10B-C and rolling my eyes whenever someone with unassisted cleavage complained about how annoying it is to have more than a handful, I finally get it.

-m xx

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This time last year I was doing some last minute packing.

On the 28th of July 2010 I went to Europe. My three month adventure started in Paris and ended in Frankfurt, hitting all points around and in between. It really puts life in perspective to think about how little I've done since I've been back. And I haven't even finished paying off my debts! ($700 to go, which should be $300 as of tomorrow).

We spend our lives waiting for life to become what we want it to be. I spend my mornings at work waiting for my lunch break, my afternoons waiting for 5 o'clock. Each day at work I'm counting down till my next day off, or the weekend. I spend so much time waiting for the weekend and all of a sudden it's Monday morning again.

Today I'm waiting to get paid so I can buy more things online! I just won a super cute tutu-skirted dress for $31.50 including postage (I had it at $17.50 but someone bumped my bid up, bitches) and I can't pay for it until tomorrow. I'm also wishing I did something a little more constructive than spend the whole day watching Ugly Betty.

On a more positive note I'm planning my next trip. And soon I'll be able to start saving for it. Admitedly it's not going to be untill the end of next year but hey- long term goals and all that.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vid of the Week: Jenna Marbles shits on my ability to make Cookies

If you saw my cookie recipe on Wednesday you should know that I am a pretty boss cookie maker. Seriously your mind was probably blown after you followed that recipe and made your own cookies.

Immediately after posting I hopped over to the tube of you and went to Jenna Marbles channel to check out what she's doing. And the random video that popped up and played automatically?

Yep. Her cookie recipe beats my cookie recipe.
Maybe I should have got my boobs out? Or made fun of a political figure? I don't know but Jenna Marbles has become my new favourite youtuber so expect more videos. I know you're not complaining because she's hot as fuck. Even if her bra is too small.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Dangers of Boredom

I have a problem.

I can't be entertained simply by watching something. It's like I need to keep my hands busy or something. Normally this results in excessive eating and facebooking. Wednesday however, I decided it was a good idea to browse on ebay. And so it began.

It's like I can't stop shopping online! I've bought a camel cape, a silver circle skirt, a bra (yes a bra. Off ebay. But it was $24 including express postage and it's virtually impossible to find bra in my size for less than like $40. If this works I'll never have to go to BnT again!) and I'm bidding on a cute little tut skirted dress thing which is currently only costing me $17.50 including postage- here's hoping no douchebag comes along and bumps up my bid. Add that to the other things I'm watching and considering buying and the fact that half of my underwear has holes in it we're looking at a fair amount of spending. But at least my wardrobe will be happy.
The good news is I worked 7 days last fortnight and got a bunch of bookings so I'll be getting paid lots next week. Better news is I'm down to $700 debt and only 2 pays or 3 weeks away from paying it all off! Yay! And I've still got my tax return around the corner. It feels weird to have spare money but I better get used to it. Maybe I should start selling some things to make up for the things I'm buying.

Well I'm only posting to resist spending more money so maybe I should go do something more constructive like my next assignment.

-m xx

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Perfect Cookie

I baked cookies today. I'm pretty proud of myself. Not for my baking efforts but because I actually managed to get the cookie dough on the tray and in the oven, instead of eating it all like I normally do. Admittedly I bought two packets and ate the other one raw along with about a third of this one, but still. I baked.

A lot of people out there don't know how to make the perfect cookie. And, as amazing as those home brand choc chip cookies are, there's nothing like the fresh-from-the-oven-gooey-melty-chocolaty-goodness that is a home baked cookie. So here are my tips:

1. Buy packet cookie dough. Sure you could make your own dough, but when it comes ready made in the refrigerated aisle at Woolworths for the low low price of $4, why make it yourself? If you're reading this thinking that you're a top shit cookie dough maker and you don't need Aunty Kath's Home bake chocolate chip cookie dough, I suggest you stop reading. This is not the recipe for you. Go buy a Donna Hay magazine or something. Wanker.

2. Read the instructions on the packet. This is extremely important, because otherwise, you wouldn't know how to turn this delicious log of mush into a delicious pile of cookies, see? If you followed my advice, and went for Aunty Kath's, you don't need the instructions- you have me!

3. Open the packet. i do this by cutting off the end with scissors.

4. Test the cookie dough. Do this by tearing off a chunk and putting it in your mouth. I recommend chewing, but that method isn't for everyone. You need to make sure the cookie dough is both scrumptious, adequately chocolaty and NOT POISONOUS. That last part is very important. If you require more chips in your dough, you can get real creative and add your own! I recommend Chocolate Melts. they're huge, sickeningly sweet and highly addictive, which is handy because they come in a bag of about 22,000. If your dough is poisonous, I recommend trying a different brand.

5. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. If you use Fahrenheit, it's probably about 6,000,000,000. Give or take a few, my conversions aren't up to scratch. If you use a fan force oven you're pretty fucking special. The packet says 160 but I can't guarantee effective results because I haven't tested THAT method.

6. Grease a large, flat, cookie-appropriate baking tray. You may use the retro method of paper towel and butter like I did or you can use fancy schmancy canola oil SPRAY which I unfortunately threw out recently because it was starting to smell like butane. Baking paper is for douche bags.

7. Tear off small chunks and place them on the tray, with about 5cm space between them. Do not flatten the dough, it will spread and you'll regret it. Little balls of tasty perfection are what we aim for in the baking preparation process.

8. If you fill up the tray and have dough remaining you have two options:
a) Get another tray. Repeat until dough is used up.
b) Eat the dough. Come on. You know you want to.

9. Place the tray in the oven and double check your temperature is set correctly. I always do this because i don't actually look when I turn it on for pre-heating. I'm just that reckless.

10. If you like soft cookies, set the timer for 11 minutes. Yes. 11 minutes. If you don't have a timer, watch the clock like a fucking hawk. Seriously. There's nothing sadder than burnt cookies.

11. When the 11 minutes are up, open the oven and check your cookies. They will still be liquid, but if you gently stroke them (mm yeah like that) you will notice the surface has a slight crispness to it. More like the film that forms over soup when it cools down than anything else. The cookies are ready. Don't be fooled by their rawness- they will continue to cook when you take them out and harden as they cool. Don't second guess my advice and leave them in longer or you will end up with crunchy cookies. Or you may burn them. Nobody wants either of those things.

12. If you like crunchy cookies. Fuck off.

13. Seriously. What is wrong with you?

14. Check out that sexy photo of me eating a cookie. I took it myself. Skillsssss

15. Leave the cookies for a while so they can cool. After some time, they should become the perfect cookie- crispish on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside and mouth-wateringly yummeh.

16. Eat the cookies. It's best to take them off the tray first, but each to their own. If you followed these instructions TO THE LETTER and you're cookies are still crap, I take no responsibility. You just must be a shitty baker.

-m xx

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vid of the Week: The Origin of Love

Me and J watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch last weekend. If you haven't seen it, it's a truly amazing film based on the off-broadway musical. Long story short it follows the story of Hansel, a boy from East berlin, who after a failed sex change becomes Hedwig, marries and American GI, moves to Kansas, gets divorced, forms a band ans falls in love with a religious teenager who, after they breakup, takes all her songs and claims them as his own, hitting big time with the music and image that that were created for him.

I used it as an extra text in year 12, with our topic being "belonging" and was told that a story about a sex change wasn't complex enough. My teacher hadn't seen the movie and my essay couldn't do the story justice, I guess.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it- do. It's fab. So, in the spirit of this fabulous movie, here is one of my favourite scenes/songs from it.

 I could swear by your expression
that the pain down in your soul
was the same
as the one down in mine.

That's the pain
that cuts a straight line down through the heart.
We called it love.

You may notice I've mentioned this song before in a previous post because it was the inspiration for one of my short stories.
-m xx

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I've done in the last 7 Days

Watched Ugly Betty. A lot.
Held back the tears when Santos died in Ugly Betty. Mostly.
Had lunch at Slices with Kate.
Went on a Vinnie's/Salvos crawl with Kate.
Bought Fendi shoes from Gladesville Vinnie's. For $18. Who cares if only the right shoes fits?
Googled whether Lafayette from True Blood is really gay.
He's not. Anyone else shocked/impressed?
Spent the day in Richmond.
Had a photo shoot for a band. On a farm.
Gotten paid. Win.
Gone to a house warming party.
Not been allowed inside at a house warming party.
Freezing my tits off in the backyard at a house warming party. Oh irony...
Fought off hypothermia. Possibly.
Not slept in.
Gotten my first hair cut in a year and a half.
Had sushi train.
Looked up Fendi shoes on ebay to see how much they go for.
Realised my new fringe is longer on one side.
Rearranged my bedroom furniture.
Had dinner at West Ryde hotel.
Bought Pictures magazine off the Indian guy at 7/11 because everyone else was too chicken.
Looked in awe at all the regular looking, not-photo-shopped (completely naked) girls in Pictures magazine.
Felt good about my nipple to boob ratio.
Worked more.
Attempted to even out my new fringe.
Accidentally trimmed my eyelashes as well.
Rekindled a love for my leather shorts by realising I could cover their embarrassingly high waistedness with one of my many baggy jumpers.
Had dinner and cocktails at Blackbirds Cafe in Darling Harbour.
Received compliments on my leather shorts. Until I showed the waistline off...
Been told I look Japanese with my new fringe. By a Chinese woman. Thanks.
Slept in.
Sorted through aforementioned band photos.
Realised I don't have any envelopes big enough to mail a DVD.
Started my photo-journalism assignment.
Finished my photojournalism assignment. In less time than this blog post is taking.
Thought about making a pizza for lunch...
Wrote a list.

That sums it up basically. I really enjoy writing these lists. They're just so much fun! Expect to see more of them because I'm not a fan of proof-reading and these lists don't even need it!

I've got a fairly exciting weekend ahead. Due to psycho-(sort of)step-mums and people moving to the central coast, J is temporarily without a place to live so he's moving in to my newly enlarged bedroom this weekend. Yay! He'll be here until him and his brother find an apartment to rent so it could be anywhere from a few weeks to... well never. I'm pretty excited about having him around all the time, especially since my bedroom now has plenty of space for the clothing and other belongings of two people. I moved my furniture so that all the empty space is in one spot, instead of being spread around and it makes a huge difference.

I was going to add photos but I'd have to actually take some and I really can't be screwed.

That's about all for now. I'm going to make myself a pizza and watch more Ugly Betty.

-m xx

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vid of the Week: "I'm Chocolating to Death"

Yes. It's another interactive video. Oh come on, you all love them. I was originally hoping to avoid the Shae Dawson channel for my vids of the week, because, let's face it, I've posted plenty. But this is just too good.

Because everybody loves Final Destination. Play the game!

I really feel like watching Final Destination now. I never did get around to seeing the third one...

-m xx

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Why I'll never be a Photojournalist

I'm having trouble with an assignment.

Honestly I can't even think of where to start. Maybe the fact I keep watching countless episodes of Ugly Betty and painting my nails on my days off isn't exactly helping but honestly, I'm stuck and it is TOO easy to find excuses.
My current assignment is a photojournalism task. Which involves taking a photo and writing an accompanying 500 word story to it. Firstly, I'm doing a certificate of photography so I don't see why I need to write a story. I mean, they'll only be marking me on how well the photo relates to the words so would it not make more sense to give me a text and instruct me to take an accompanying photo? Secondly, 500 words? That is such an awkward length. Too long for a meaningless fluff piece and too short for an actual story. Thirdly, this task is not specific enough. Do they expect a factual article or a narrative style?

So with no real starting point other than "take a photo and write a story" I am, understandably, unsure of where to start. I've looked through my archives and the thing with photojournalism is something has to actually be happening in the photo. I've realised I don't have a whole lot of photos that fit that description. I've found three that I think make good photojournalism, two of which involve pigeons but turning any of them into a story is proving a wee bit of a challenge. I mean, how can I write 500 words about pigeons?

The other day, on my way to work I saw one of Sydney's regular homeless men, begging in the prayer position at the George/Park/Druitt st. intersection (Sydneysiders- you probably know the one I mean. Not many people in Australia beg in the prayer position.) with a cigarette in his hand. I mean, who would give money to a SMOKING beggar? You know exactly what they spend their money on, and it's something that will most likely kill them. Now, if I had my SLR with me for some reason I could have gotten a perfect shot for this assignment. But I know if I went to the effort of lugging my SLR to Darlinghurst and back on the off chance that he's a) there and b) smoking, all I'd end up with is a sore shoulder.
So, short of paying a homeless person to smoke while I take photos, for an assignment that I'll probably get an A for no matter what I do, seems a little ridiculous. So that brings me back to my three original photos: pigeons, a man running to avoid having his photo taken, and pigeons. So here they are! Now readers, this is where you come in, if any strange, inspired person sees this and can come up with a little bit of inspiration for a story that may fit one of these shots, please- thrown me a bone.

Luckily, I'm halfway through my NEXT assignment and already have some idea of what I'm doing for my final so it looks like the perfect transcript could still be mine.

-m xx

p.s. I've got a promo/portrait shoot for Sydney band Minus House coming up this weekend. I'm extremely excited because it's been about a year since my last promo shoot AND it's paid work AND there's going to be paint involved. The boys seem to have their ideas pretty sorted which means less stress for me and less being yelled at for them (not that I would yell at clients. I'm a professional). Anyway, look out for those on my photo blog in the next week or so.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Vid of the Week: Patty Cake Cats

Ok so I'll admit, those videos where they caption animals are rarely funny. The captions are always stupid and over done and this video is no exception. But just watching the cats is hilarious...

Seriously. Why are these cats doing this? People have asked me if the second cat is actually a mirror.
I mean, are these cats high?

I gotta get me some catnip...

-m xx

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vid of the Week: "You get Love"

Because it's amazing.

This is my favourite ad right now. It makes me feel like I should become a guide dog trainer! Seems like a pretty sweet job, I mean you get paid to train this adorable puppy and even though you have to give it back, you get a new one that's even cuter!

On a serious note I sometimes get mildly teary when I see this ad.

But that may be just because I don't have a labrador puppy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thumbs Up for Apathy

I know, I know I haven't been posting much lately. I do have an explanation which is what this is- one of my frequent post-to-explain-lack-of-posts.

So I only work about three days a week which means I get a lot of days off. Unfortunately, these days off always coincide with my mother needing her laptop, which happens to be the only computer in the house. I'm limited to facebook for iPhone.

And before I get a smart-arse "Uh why don't you buy a laptop? Derp" comment- laptops cost money. Which is something I don't exactly have a surplus of. On a positive note, I'm down to $1200 debt! AND my course is paid off after just one more $49 installment. AND tax return is coming up. Luxuries like hair cuts (only 16 months since my last one...) waxing and yoga will soon be within my reach.

On a positive note I'm starting "vid of the week" every Sunday from this one so you'll have SOMETHING to look at regularly on here. I really do want to start vlogging because, let's face it, not many people actually want to READ things anymore. But with my aforementioned computer limitations and the fact my filming options are restricted to my phone or my DSLR and I'm pretty sure the only editing software I have is windows movie maker, it could be a while.

It really kills me having a day off with no computer. You know what there is to do without a computer?


Well nothing remotely constructive at least. You want to know what I did today? I got up after 11 (after a strangely pre-cognitive dream, but more on that later!) and watched the first part of mini-series Pandemic, followed by Dr. Oz (where he told me lipo doesn't cure cellulite, so I guess I gotta think of something else to put my HUGE amounts of savings towards) followed by about two hours of Donkey Kong 64 and THEN I showered and that was less than three hours ago. Since then it's been TV time.

Compared to the assignments, blogging and youtubing I could have been doing if I had a computer, today was a whole lot of nothing. At least I showered. And I did also discover another website-mentioned-on-How-I-Met-Your-Mother-that-exists-in-real-life (but that was after mum came home with the computer so that doesn't even count.) Yes, Not a Father's Day, much like Ted Mosby is a Jerk and It Was The Best Night Ever actually exists. And I found this sweet invention to leave you with:

Yes, that's NPH's face on a negative pregnancy test. With two thumbs up. Best.

Way better than that smiley face means positive i.e. you are pregnant crap. That's just cruel. Like "YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY! YAY!

...unless you don't want to be pregnant in which case maybe you should look at this stick upside down?"

-m xx

p.s. YES! The dream! So I had a dream last night/this morning that I was peeing and I looked up and my bathroom door was open. I had a heap of people over and I shut it but then I'd look again and it had opened somehow. Then the music was too loud but I couldn't do anything because I was peeing see?

Anyway, I got up this morning (just) and went to the bathroom. I looked up, mid-pee, and THE DOOR WAS OPEN. Somehow, despite the fact that I have distressing dreams about going to the toilet in front of people ALL THE TIME, I forgot to shut the bathroom door. And that's how I discovered I'm psychic.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can't Hold us Down

My favourite weekly fashion mag, Grazia published one of my letters again. Unfortunately I didn't get letter of the week but considering this weeks prize was skin cream and I'm 19 I'm not too dissapointed. Just like last time, they edited me down to save space so here is what I wrote:
""Slut" is a word I don't agree with. Women should not be judged on their sexual behaviour or the way they dress. Why is it men are applauded for having multiple sexual partners but women are made to feel ashamed? I agree with Bettina Arndt that women are often the first to point the finger at one another and call names but our like-mindedness ends there. Referring to SlutWalk as "flagrant pirck-teasing" is completely narrow minded. Women marching for their right to dress how they want are not "taunting decent men" if they show some skin. We're dressing for ourselves and nobody else.
I think Ms Arndt needs to get off her high horse and get laid."
They cut out my last sentence which was dissapointing but not surprising. I was looking forward to insulting the author of The Sex Diaries. Who is, from what I've seen so far (I haven't had the fortune of reading her book) a narrow minded bitch. If you think I'm harsh, find last week's Grazia and read the pro and con article on the Slut Walk.
For anyone who's reading this and wondering why the s word is being thrown around with reckless abandon, the Slut Walk is a march for women protesting to wear what they want without being judged for it. On January 24th this year, a representative from the Toronto Police spoke on campus safety at Osgode Hall Law School remarked that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised". This was the catalyst for the original Slut Walk in Toronto- an aim at claiming the word back, rejecting the insulting connotations that have come with it in the past, and telling the world that victims of sexual assault should never be blamed.
For me, it's completely ridiculous to blame someone's clothes for the horrible things that someone else has done. Sexual assault is in no way about how the victim was dressed, and yet people (let's be honest here; men) seem to think that it is. Even with a march like this going on, the face book event page for the Sydney Slut Walk was full of comments from men about how the march is unneccessary, and women should be careful not to dress in a way that "provokes" assault.
Most sexual assault happens with someone the victim knows, but in the case of "stranger rape" it is veyr much about dominating the other person; taking something from them without their consent. If the argument is that dressing in a "sexy" way is like giving our consent then surely rapists are more likely to go for the person who looks like a prude? It's the lack of consent that is the turn on for these types of people, and saying that wearing a short skirts makes us targets is just as ridiculous as saying wearing a short skirt prevents rape.
A rapist doesn't consider what a woman is wearing or what her sexual history may be and nor should anyone else. Women are always being judged and branded for their sexual behaviour, while men get praised. I will be the first to admit that women are the ones pointing the finger at each other. I wish I could explain how this double standard begun but it must come from somewhere within us.  I know I personally would feel a sense of guilt if I was having casual sex, because to me it should mean something.

As for why, I'm at a complete loss.

-m xx

Monday, June 06, 2011

More than a woman

Gorgeous isn't he? Oh yes. Don't be fooled by the feminine cheekbones and AH-mazing hair. Andrej Pejic is indeed a man. Or rather, at 19 years old, a boy.

Earlier today I read a brief article about this beautiful model in Grazia. This year, FHM put him at 98th on their top 100 sexiest women list. They refer to him as a "thing" following up with the comment that the thought of him modelling for Victoria's Secret warranted a sick bucket. The magazine claimed the copy wasn't checked by the editor before it went to print.

How can this man, who is stunning enough to transcend gender, be judged for modelling both men's and women's clothing? I've always been a fan of androgyny and I don't see how there can be anything wrong with cross-dressing in the fashion world. This man has an unlimited market (ok I guess childrens clothing might not quite work out on a 6'2" 28" waisted man who looks better in makeup than I do) and he shouldn't be punished for that.

Not only is he an extremely talented model, but he's aware of his identity at such a young age and isn't afraid of it. He should be celebrated.

And drooled over. I mean... jeez.

-m xx

Sunday, June 05, 2011


So here we have it, the final video from the Defamation of Strickland Banks.
I presonally hope they bring out soem more, the story feels a little unfinished.
But if you like the songs, buy the album, you won't be dissapointed.

So there we are, an angel and a man,
both just standing there, blood on our hands.

I now have to find a new video theme for Sunday posts. I am open to suggestions! Should I try making my own vlogs or stick to the experts? Should I go for funny or serious? Give me your thoughts!

-m xx

Friday, June 03, 2011


I just read this article and my mind is blown. This adorable hedgehog, Betty, has a mysterious skin condition that caused it to lose it's spines. Now when I first read "bald, spineless hedgehog" I thought "spine" as in vertebrae and was a wee bit confused.

Personally, it reminds me of the giant explosive armadillo thing you fight to get the first key to free K.Lumsy in Donkey Kong 64. If anyone actually knows what I'm referring to, I'm sure you'll agree.

See? Adorable. Even if in this photo it kind of looks like an inside out scrotum or something. But poor Betty isn't allowed to go near the hedgehog men-folk because of her vulnerable condition. That and her defect is most likely a genetic condition which could be passed on to any offspring. Poor Betty.

Once again, if you actually read the article you'll notice that the "journalists" working on the ninemsn website don't seem to have even an iota of literary talent, and nor do they have someone to proof read before their articles get posted on my homepage.

Still, interesting.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sea Monkeys and Cemeteries

So on Saturay I was casually strolling through the toy department of Big W (as you do) when I thought to myself "Man I wish I had sea monkeys, they were the coolest," and then I turned into the last aisle and what did I see? Sea fucking monkeys.

And the best bit was, unlike 4 years ago when I last considered buying sea monkeys, $20 seemed a bit extravagant for brine shrimp in a plastic tank. But back then, I was earning $100 a week, putting half of it straight into savings and somehow making a measly $50 stretch to buy lunch every day at school and alcohol on the weekend. now, the $17.94 Big W charges for the "starter pack" is just a drop in the ocean of things that make me spend money.

I hatched them on Sunday. So far they're little more than little specks floating around in their tank. Tomorrow I can start feeding them and then they'll start getting bigger. Sea Monkeys are a special hybrid brine shrimp which have been bred to grow larger and live longer than natural brine shrimp. With proper care, they can live up to two years and grow up to 3/4".

For anyone who's lived a deprived life and never had Sea Monkeys, you pour a small sachet of crystallised eggs into the tank. When the eggs hit the water, the protective casing dissolves and the eggs can then hatch. After 5 days, you being feeding the Sea Monkeys, every second day.

They're pretty damn amazing.

Yesterday I went on a photography/thrifting excursion to Newtown with my friend B. I got the train, which is something I don't do very often because, well there's no point walking 20 minutes to my nearest station when I can just get a bus from outside my house. That and there's a Vinnies on the way to West Ryde station and I ALWAYS end up in there. Yesterday was no exception. Hadn't even gotten to Newtown and I'd already made two purchases: a strange multi-coloured belt thing (that I doubt I'll ever actually wear but for $1 who cares, right?) and the cutest velvet envelope clutch patterned with gold bows.

It's something that I would probably think is hideous if I saw it in a regular store but in Vinnies it just looked so adorable. And it was $5 so I wasn't exactly making a huge dent in my wallet. Oddly enough when I got to Newtown I didn't find anything worth buying at their Vinnies. I find different areas have vastly different prices. If I saw this same bag at Newtown Vinnies, it would probably have set me back $15. That said suburbs like Rozelle, Newtown and Paddington that charge higher prices normally have better stock. It's pretty hard to find something decent at my local thrift stores but it's worth it because they're always such a bargain.

We started off the day with sushi train and the place was pretty incredible. they actually had beef sushi which is something I've never seen on a train. I felt overwhelmed being at an unfamiliar train so I ate a lot slower than I normally do and between us we only spent $23. Considering me and J normally spend somewhere between $38 and $43, and last time actually managed to spend $64, I was impressed by how well I controlled myself. They even have sachets of mayonnaise! Mayonnaise and sushi are such an odd combination but it really is a match made in heaven. Whoever thought of that is a genius.

After our lunch and our disappointing Vinnies visit we sought refuge from the icy conditions in Max Brenner. I got one of their $6 Italian thick hot chocolates, which I found out are made with vanilla cream as opposed to milk. They're amazing though. It's like drinking melted chocolate and you feel like puking half way through but it's so worth it on a cold windy day.

After a few wrong turns, we made our way to Newtown Cemetery. It's really ridiculously old. I didn't see a single stone that wasn't from the 1800s. It's nice to spend some time in an Australian cemetery after all the ones I visited in Europe. Instead of marble there was sandstone, because that's basically what Sydney is built on. Sadly, because of that, some of the pieces had lost a lot of detail.

My favourite type of headstone is the kind that lists the cause of death. Call it morbid but there's not much interesting about "here lies the mortal body of blah, wife of blah who worked in blah industry, died blah, age blah". Seriously. How much cooler is "Here lies this guy, drowned in Sydney harbour on this day, aged dramatically young." Much more interesting.

-m xx

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Recluse

This film clip is a bit more creative than some of the others. I really like how they use both the prison scene and his life as a celebrity in the clip. The whole album goes with the in-prison-for-a-false-rape-charge theme but it's interested that they showed another angle for this song in the clip.

One more left! Unless of course they upload another on to youtube in the next two weeks. I hope they do because the last one leaves the story a bit unfinished, to say the least. And a few of my favourites are left out.

I'm writing this on Wednesday night. It's most likely than when you're reading this I'll be sleeping off a big night. Or if I'm feeling particularly ambitious, eating breakfast. Or, if I'm really productive, emptying a can of Glen 20 in my kitchen to try and cover up the smell of alcohol, pizza and stale tobacco.

-m xx

20/05/2011 UPD: So if the crazies are right you probably won't ever read this because it'll be The Rapture and you'll be distracted by all that judgement and all them earthquakes. Happy end of the world bitches.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When the cats away...

The mice will...

Play nintendo instead of doing course work.
Catch up on course work and get straight As
Fail at ordering groceries online.
Rally the troops (i.e. me) and make a last minute dinner of pasta with a chicken nepolitana sauce cooked from scratch. At 7:30pm.
Eat way too much.
Watch Angry Boys and marvel in the comic genius of Chris Lilley.
Do three loads of washing in one week. For two people.
Fill up the dishwasher four times. For two people and various guests.
Lose an iPod touch somewhere in the folds of the massive couch.
Binge drink.
Order too much Indian takeaway.
"His name is Marcos but I call him Fuckos."
Make tiny pancakse.
Have icecream for breakfast.
Have people stay over and never get around to moving the "spare" (i.e. Mum's) mattress out of the loungeroom.
Scare the cat with too many visitors.
Play I Never.
Sneakily listen into a lover's quarrel taking place in the backyard.
Watch Miss Congeniality. One and Two.
Babysit on the central coast.
Arrive late.
Make potato bake.
Spend a lot of time at Dan Murphy's
Host a barbeque.
Play monopoly.
Eat unidentified fruits in an attempt to identify them.
Eat strawberry flavoured cigarette papers.
Go to the pub for dinner.
Pay $1 a slice for prosciutto because it was sliced too thick.
Eat too much home made pizza.
Watch Skins US.
Put a bra in the dryer.
Be sorely dissapointed with what was a perfectly good show untill America decided British TV wasn't so marketable.
Take a bra out of the dryer. In two pieces.
Bitch about how ugly the US version of Effy is. Seriously. Why?
Make a mess in the kitchen.
Eat dessert before dinner.
Go to bed because there's nothing good on TV.
Fall asleep on the couch at 10pm.
Spend their day off work cleaning the kitchen.
Find the cat.
Offend the cat by feeding her leftover sausages.
Lose the cat. Again.
Make spaghetti bolognaise.
Buy cookie dough with the plan to make cookies.
Eat raw cookie dough.
Think the laptop is broken when the battery dies.
Take evidenciary photos of the general mess in the house.
Forget to put the clothes in the dryer.
Make James put the clothes in the dryer.
"Fix" the computer.

Make a list.

That pretty much sums up the last 7 days. It's now Wednesday and I have two more days of work untill it's the weekend again! My plans so far involve sushi, alcohol, snack foods, minimal sleep and people. I have a friend's 20th Friday night but it's doubtful that me and the man will feel like trekking to Kings Cross after a week of work. I predict we'll spend the evening eating sushi at Top Ryde and drinking wine at home. But we'll see.

I'm working Friday this week because the amount of stuff I have to do just isn't going away. And the more I work, the more bookings I make, therefore the more likely it is I don't get fired. Then again I've passed the honeymoon period and I'm starting to slowly hate my job but I really don't feel like getting a new one again. It'd be nice to even get to six months in one occupation. Especially now that I'm working more hours and making a larger dent into my debt.

It's all a means to an end.

-m xx