Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I've done in the last 7 Days

Watched Ugly Betty. A lot.
Held back the tears when Santos died in Ugly Betty. Mostly.
Had lunch at Slices with Kate.
Went on a Vinnie's/Salvos crawl with Kate.
Bought Fendi shoes from Gladesville Vinnie's. For $18. Who cares if only the right shoes fits?
Googled whether Lafayette from True Blood is really gay.
He's not. Anyone else shocked/impressed?
Spent the day in Richmond.
Had a photo shoot for a band. On a farm.
Gotten paid. Win.
Gone to a house warming party.
Not been allowed inside at a house warming party.
Freezing my tits off in the backyard at a house warming party. Oh irony...
Fought off hypothermia. Possibly.
Not slept in.
Gotten my first hair cut in a year and a half.
Had sushi train.
Looked up Fendi shoes on ebay to see how much they go for.
Realised my new fringe is longer on one side.
Rearranged my bedroom furniture.
Had dinner at West Ryde hotel.
Bought Pictures magazine off the Indian guy at 7/11 because everyone else was too chicken.
Looked in awe at all the regular looking, not-photo-shopped (completely naked) girls in Pictures magazine.
Felt good about my nipple to boob ratio.
Worked more.
Attempted to even out my new fringe.
Accidentally trimmed my eyelashes as well.
Rekindled a love for my leather shorts by realising I could cover their embarrassingly high waistedness with one of my many baggy jumpers.
Had dinner and cocktails at Blackbirds Cafe in Darling Harbour.
Received compliments on my leather shorts. Until I showed the waistline off...
Been told I look Japanese with my new fringe. By a Chinese woman. Thanks.
Slept in.
Sorted through aforementioned band photos.
Realised I don't have any envelopes big enough to mail a DVD.
Started my photo-journalism assignment.
Finished my photojournalism assignment. In less time than this blog post is taking.
Thought about making a pizza for lunch...
Wrote a list.

That sums it up basically. I really enjoy writing these lists. They're just so much fun! Expect to see more of them because I'm not a fan of proof-reading and these lists don't even need it!

I've got a fairly exciting weekend ahead. Due to psycho-(sort of)step-mums and people moving to the central coast, J is temporarily without a place to live so he's moving in to my newly enlarged bedroom this weekend. Yay! He'll be here until him and his brother find an apartment to rent so it could be anywhere from a few weeks to... well never. I'm pretty excited about having him around all the time, especially since my bedroom now has plenty of space for the clothing and other belongings of two people. I moved my furniture so that all the empty space is in one spot, instead of being spread around and it makes a huge difference.

I was going to add photos but I'd have to actually take some and I really can't be screwed.

That's about all for now. I'm going to make myself a pizza and watch more Ugly Betty.

-m xx

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  1. Your lists are fun to read as well. And Shia had a fling with Megan Fox off camera too! And I agree that Rosie is more attractive, but I wasn't a fan of her character is all. lol.

    You're gonna live with your man? Now you'll find out how you really feel about him. :P I actually have a friend that broke up with her man after they moved in together because they couldn't stand each other's habits. Good luck though! Tell me about your photojournalism!