Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Oh Bloggr I've been neglecting you!

Oh, sorry, it's Blogger isn't it? Is that it? It's been so long!

You see, I made a new friend. Their name is Tumblr and we've been hanging out a LOT. Oh the fun we have, blogging and reblogging. We even have 7 followers. I know it's soon but I think this could be the one!

Basically as well continually scrolling up on my iPhone to refresh my Tumblr dashboard I've been working, enjoing the amazing warm weather (hit 27 today. Summer!), booking an incredible summer road trip to Nimbin with 11 of my nearest and dearest (143 days dammit fuck. FUCK) winning on scratchies, getting the shock of my life at the ATM when my tax came through and my balance was $1300 more than I was expecting, watching the Living End be awesome whilst putting up with middle-aged mosh douchebags, getting my 90s on at Teen Spirit and looking up gym memberships.

That pretty much sums up the last 4 days. I'm off to work for the next two days then the weekend begins. I'm seriously loving the warm weather, every sunny day feels like I'm on summer holidays. I can't wait till Summer, it really is a fabulous time of year. Despite the crazy heat and humidity that we're charmed with downunder. Seriously, if Summer could just be 27 with a nice, cool-ish breeze every day my life would be awesome. Friday I am planning to actually head down to my local Fernwood and fork out a shit load of money for a 3 month membership. I'll soon be foxy for sure.

Yeah that's it. I'm sure I'll be back regularly soon.

But while you wait, feel free to tumble with me.

-m xx

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  1. LOL did you see my post from last week? I started it with, "Oh Blogger, how I've betrayed thee." But I didn't really betray Blogger, I just neglected it. YOU on the other did betray Blogger! How could you switch to Tumblr like that? And wow you update your Tumblr pretty frequently. Don't leave us behind at Blogger!