Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My boyfriend

Is going to be on TV. He is one of two men working at the childcare centre in Putney. One of the mothers was impressed that they'd hired a second male and for whatever reason she told ABC how fabulous it was and for another, odder reason, they decided that the 12pm news tomorrow requires a story on men in the childcare profession and thought it was an even better idea to interview James and Andy. So, it airs tomorrow at noon on ABC. If anyone wants to see my sexy boyfriend talk about wiping kids noses, hit that up. I won't be home, so I'll have to watch it online after. Still pretty exciting. Now if only I could get famous for doing my job. -m xx

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This makes me incredibly sad. Particularly this bit: "Curtis faces up to six months in jail, or a $1000 fine and community service if convicted." How can the consequences for something so horrible be so minor? If the victim were a human, things sure would be different. I mean, the only argument I can think of for there being more severe consequences to such crimes against humans is that we should feel more empathy towards our own species and therefore be less likely to commit such offences. Which certainly does not account for such inequality. -m xx

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The End of an Icon

I figure since everybody else has already posted a variety of images of Elizabeth Taylor doing what she does best- being stunning- I would post a photo of another Elizabeth Taylor:

Yes, Charlotte's King Charles Spaniel in Sex and The City. She adopts her because her shortcomings as a show dog (uneven leg-length, apparently) remind her of her own inability (almost) to conceive. Of course then the dog gets pregnant...

"Elizabeth, mummy can't look at you right now!"

In all seriousness though I was pretty shocked to find out this morning. She's always been a constant in Hollywood, for so long. She managed to pack so much more experience into her life than most people do and I think that's admirable. Plus- she was a babe.

-m xx

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've been shopping!

I'm on a very tight budget at the moment. I've been keeping to $20 a day for the last month and it's not as tough as i thought it would be. I mean, I now see how ridiculous it is that last year, when I was earning more than double what I am now, and I didn't have a $50/week fee to pay for a correspondence course (which, incidentally, I haven't started working on yet.) I was spending pretty much everything. I could have been putting $300 a week into my savings, and still be living off the same amount of money I am now! If I had done that, i wouldn't have all this pesky debt stopping me from enjoying any windfalls, like extra work shifts.

That said, I was so proud of myself after my first fortnight of budgeting- I was paid about $520, which leaves me with $420 for transport/food/alcohol and I managed to not spend $65. I have no idea how I did it, but I figured it made sense to reward myself. So I spent it (+$10) on things I WANTED (oh God I've missed that)

What did i buy? I hear you ask. Shoes of course! Last year, I fell in love with the Tony Bianco "Nemesis" wedge shoe boot. They're beautiful- but at $190 I really couldn't justify it right before a trip to Europe. Then I discovered Betts "Poppie" which is pretty much identical to the Biancos, for only $90. What luck, I just happened to have a 45% off voucher that my friend gave me. So I spent about a quarter what I would have, had I succumbed to the beauty of Tony Bianco, for a shoe that, from afar, looks the same. The are of course, faux suede as opposed to genuine, but that just means I can panic less when it rains, yes?

I have to tell you, they are THE comfiest shoes I've ever worn. Well, the comfiest shoes that make me 4-5inches taller than I actually am, that is. I mean, wedges are, of course, more comfortable than say a stiletto heel. It's just logic- there's more foot support which puts less stress on the ankles, balls and calves. Also, as the have a rather thick platform, there's none of that burning pain in the ball of your foot that you get with most shoes. I feel like I'm wearing flats! They're perfect. And they look good with pretty much anything- jeans, skirts, stockings, bear legs, socks- anything! I'm pretty much in love with them.

Now my other significant purchase recently was that of the Ebay variety. I had a brief love affair with Ebay a few years ago, and when I fell in love with an incredible shade of MAC lipstick, I wasn't too keen on the idea of paying $36 for something that can be bought in the US for just $13.50. So, to Ebay I went. Including postage from NY, it was only about $23- well worth the 10day wait for arrival. I was a bit nervous about buying a lipstick without testing it first, but I'm pretty happy. The colour, Girl About Town, doesn't make me look like a hag, and though it's a bit glossier than the Sephora Maniac Matte I'm used to, it doesn't disappear in 5 minutes like many others.

(Please ignore the fact that I look like a stunned mullet. And yes, I really am that freckled)
As for the colour, the pictures don't show it perfectly because I took them in my bathroom and the light wasn't fab. It's basically fuchsia. I've had my eye out for such a brilliant pink for a while- after seeing plenty of it on the runway. I think it's amazing, and when I saw the profile photo of a facebook friend with the exact colour i was looking for, I had to ask. It was no surprise to find out it was MAC, and in fact it was the same girl who suggested I try Ebay.

I'm feeling pretty poorly right now. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a bus filled with mucous or something. Which sucks because I'm working tomorrow and the next day and I get the feeling that it will probably get worse. Right now, I'm functioning on a fairly regular level, with only the slightest hints of delirium. Tomorrow could be a different story.

Tonight I'm off to my first Ramshackle gig since last July, and their first since September. I just wish I wasn't sick because it's cutting into my enthusiasm. And I can't decide what to wear!

Expect photos soon, they're beginning to build up.

-m xx

Pretty in Pink

Yes, he really is a man's man.
I think next time I'll convince him aqua is a good idea...
(I missed my calling as a hairdresser, clearly)

Stay tuned, more words and stuff are on the way! I can't guarantee they'll be coherent, because I woke up feeling like someone had hit me over the head with the flu hammer so who knows when the delerium will set in?

-m xx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to Learn English

A friend of mine kindly showed this youtube vid to me. Basically, I was pretty amazed. Now, you need to watch the whole thing, because the third "lesson" is just... beyond words.

Yep. Whoever Toshi is, he's a lucky son'bitch.

-m xx

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I wrote this on Wednesday and for whatever reason, it wouldn't post. So here it is now!

So monday was mine and J's third anniversary. We figured, since three is a much bigger number than one AND two, we should do something a bit more significant than we have in the past (last year we were too lazy to go out for a romantic dinner and ended up getting Thai delivered, so we could eat in the comfort of my loungeroom, with my mum. The year before we went to a small house party and played Mario on a Nintendo 64, 90s style). Last year for J's birthday we spent a night at Quay Grand Suites, which is a fabulous 5 star hotel in Circulr Quay (the place with the iconic view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, for the non-Sydney-siders). We enjoyed it so much that we though we'd do that again this year. I mean, why research hotels when you already know of one you love?

"Even the floor is 5star!"

But seriously, the rooms are amazing. Full apartments, with spa-baths and kitchenettes and balconys and bathrobes. We booked a room over looking the Botanical Gardens (i.e. a road and some green stuff) because it's about $100 cheaper than the harbour view. 11am checkout didn't appeal to us, so we put in a request for late checkout. On Saturday, at about 3pm, walked into the lobby, looking oh-so-inconspicuous in our not-rich-person attire. Not only were we getting a late checkout (1pm) but they'd upgraded us to the harbour view!

To say I was happy about this would be an understatement. I actually gasped and grabbed J's knee in excitement. If you are going to stay at a hotel like the Quay Grand, you will spend a LOT of time in the room, so it's probably worth paying for the view. You get to see boats! And sunset!

Our time there was true decadence- Veuve Clicquot Champagne, higher-thread-count-than-should-be-physically-possible-soft-as-a-soft-thing-sheets, a spa bath, bathrobes, dinner in The Rocks, Gelatissimo, considering-paying-fourteen-dollars-for-an-in-house-movie and room service breakfast of croissants and hot chocolate. We spent all of Sunday missing it, and in stark contrast we had Oporto for lunch then spent the afternoon with the Ramshackle crew, attempting to make art with a $35 paintball gun from Big W Top Ryde. Hint: It's not very effective.

I have my short course on tonight, we're shooting in Circular Quay which should be fun. We haven't seen the task list yet but we did get a little spoiler- there will be sparklers involved. Slow shutter speeds and bright shiny things? I know I'm excited! The photos, if good/interesting will be up soonish, probably on my photoblog so stay tuned!
-m xx

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back in The Day


Yes. I'm wearing white jeans. I KNOW.

Photo courtesy of Marco Bok

Photo Courtesy of Marco Bok
Why yes, that is Maccas Park st. And no, I don't know what I'm listening to. I do remember me and Tom once having a debate about some lyrics in Blood Sex and Booze by Green Day, So It was probably that. The things on my hands are socks.

Live Earth, 07.07.07

Year 10 formal. I'm wearing a corset, and flats. J went with my friend Bonnie. I took my boyfriend of the time, and spent most of the night trying to convince people that J was my half brother. Oh how times change.

"Super Happy Fun Night" for my 16th birthday.
Me and Kate were so radXcore back then. LOL.

Ladies Night II

Mardi Gras :: Easter Long weekend.

May. Bottom Sarah's G themed 17th. dressed as a "guy", sculling a woodstock, right after giving a "geek" a mean one-handed wedgie. I commit to my roles.

Vietnam, September.
Yes, that is an AK47.

Bianca's "Showgirls and Highrollers" 18th.
Yes, I really was that skinny. Sadface.
(on the plus side, if I wore that outfit now, I'd have the boobs for it)

I think this photo was taken in 2007. It was the next year when the speech bubbles were added. Sarah is a genius at card-making.

Yes, we went to J's year 12 formal in Optimus Prime. HOW BADASS IS THAT?

We went through a stage where we used the word "tysoned" to mean drunk. Imagine my excitement when I saw "I love tyson v" written in pencil on a table at school. Alcohol was a big feature of year 11...
I wish I could explain this. All I know is i tried to take a photo of me and Kasey (I'm the chin in the bottom left corner) and this is what I got. Amazing.
The Great Debate- Should Riverside become co-ed?
The students were on the negative side.

We dressed up as boys and made a video. I think it's obvious who won.

Last week of year 12. I drank 2 bottles of cheap sparkling wine and spent the night puking. J had to put me in the shower. We had school at 7:45 the next day. I was too hungover to go to work at 4pm.
Alcohol was a big feature of year 12 as well.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

" A New South Wales doctor has been found guilty of unnecessarily removing a woman's genitals.
The doctor, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on Carolyn DeWaegeneire and unnecessarily excising her clitoris during an operation in 2002.
The Crown alleged the 58-year-old widow did not give her consent for him to remove her genitals.
She told the jury he said he was going to remove a lesion but never mentioned removing anything else.
The defence argued he was trying to save her life.
He will be sentenced at a later date."


OK, firstly, please ignore how brief and horrible this article is. (I mean, what is the point of writing it at all?). Secondly:

What. The. Fuck.

Seriously- trying to save her life by removing her clitoris? It can't be replaced! You can't just get an implant and get on with your life! If it were a man, and they had to remove his penis to save his life, they sure as hell would have asked first.

And on that note, happy international women's day for Tuesday.

-m xx

p.s. I'd like to say this will be the only time I tag my post with "genital mutilation" but I can't be so sure.