Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GaGa for McQueen

So, in a not-so-surprising turn of events, who appears to be the only person in the world willing to wear shoes from Alexander McQueen's S/S10 line? None other than Lady GaGa. Sunday, I was sitting in my loungeroom (and by sitting it's probably most accurate to say reclining, on my fabulous couch. It truly is a GREAT couch. Ask anyone) and the filmclip to to Miss GaGas most recent single, Bad Romance came on. I saw those bizarre shoes and went "Oh jeez... Alexander McQueen" and a few scenes later, what came out? The infamous hoof shoes. Clearly GaGa is a fan.

Now, despite the fact that I'm not such a fan of the shoes, here are some reasons why we should still love Alexander Mcqueen:

1. The S/S10 dresses are exquisite. Seriously. The colours are just entrancing- truly gorgeous. Wearable? perhaps not. Admirable? certainly.

2. His clutches. Do I really need to go on a "Oh-how-I-love-McQueen-clutches" rant? They're gorgeous... I mean the skull clasps are just adorable, and he pioneered the recent boom in my favourite types of clutches.

3. Though those shoes aren't exactly day-to-day wear, I'm sure Mr. McQueen is fully aware of this. He's truly pushing the boundaries, and his designs are instantly recognisable. And, it got me talking.

On the subject of strange filmclip-fashion: Beyonce's Diva filmclip. Ok, seriously, what is with those "sunglasses"? For those who haven't had the delight of such insane eyewear, here:

I thought Kanye's venetians were bad enough. Are we trying to block UV rays, or haterrzz?

On the topic of sun-blocking eyewear (I know, me? on topic?) I bought my Raybans on Monday. They're so beautiful... I also got 2 bikinis ($60 for both, from Target. Oh Targaaaayyy, how i love you) and this pair of high waisted shorts that look like an old pair of 80s jeans that I've cut up, but are actually from Supre aka sluthut (the shame... But there's no way I'd find 80s jeans in vinnies that fit me so well so....)

I'm going to Parra today for some pre-schoolies hair removal and A bit of a browse. there's this top at Bardot I'm gunna get. I will post photos of such purchases eventually.

3 days 'til Schoolies! Oh the excitement

All for now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's over

Shool formal was Monday night. Now that that's done, school is finally over. Weird...
Although I haven't signed out yet so I'm technically still enrolled, but I'm planning on doing that today so then I will REALLY be free. Free and bored.
Which brings me to an issue- I need another job. Badly.
I'm hoping to get into club photography after schoolies so that should be good AND It'll get me paid. Excellent.
But last night Mum just casually goes "so Mel, would you be interested in doing an internship at ACP magazines?" ah... yes?!
(Just so you know, they do Grazia among many other huge magazines.)
And I'm not above photocopying if i get paid and get some insight into the magazine world. It is, after all, one of my back up plans if this whole photography caper falls through. So hopefully I could be doing that next year. Win.
2 days till my 18th, hoorah! I'm pretty excited, mostly to wear my dress. It's so cute. And of course, I will be getting my D90, which means there'll be a lot more photos coming onto this blog from then on, since I'll actually have a camera to take them with.
I might put some formal pics up soon, I'm waiting for my friend to upload some photos her Dad took with a Nikon D3x. they should be good.
So that's all for now, life is apparently kind of boring after school so i don't have much to tell you.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009



Just one week until the HSC is over and life begins.
It's pretty exciting.
I also think I can say with confidence I'll be able to actually post more worthwhile blogs. What with the travelling and career chasing and partying I'll be doing. Oh the photos I will take!
It's only 16 days till my birthday now, and you know what that means.
Yes. The D90. Ah... I think it may be true love...
Haven't heard from the Santa photography people yet, and it's a bit late to go job hunting right now. Top Ryde opens tomorrow (hoorah!) so I'll have to wait till the second round to try for a job there. And as for club photography, that'll have to wait until after I get back from Schoolies. But I get the impression that's a bit easier to get into than most jobs so here's hoping.
And of course, there are a lot of photography studios around... But maybe I should just settle for any kind of job and wait till after I travel to focus on my dream? Perhaps.
Here, have some photos from the Granny Smith Festival (I know, I promised them weeks ago...)

Ramshackle @ The Core October 17th 2009- Tony, Mitch, Andy
Ramshackle @ The Core October 17th 2009 - James, Tony
Ok, so three photos isn't many... But the battery was dying. And day time photos just aren't as interesting, are they?
Stay tuned.