Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I actually had a really productive day today! It's my day off from work and normally I spend the day watching one of my shows and wishing I was doing something that actually made me feel like I hadn't wasted a day. And though I did watch some Gossip Girl today it was only two episodes! And I also cleaned the bathroom. And my fish tank. And showered. And LEFT THE HOUSE for a catch up with Kasey.

But most impressively I finally did my final assignment. Finally final.

Which means I am just days away from getting my certificate. And then I can start sorting out the next course I want to do. I'm planning on going to The Fashion Business Institute in Glebe to do a certificate 4 in Fashion Business. I think I'll really enjoy the classes and you choose your own timetable as you go- basically they list all the available days/times for classes and you just call up to book the one that works for you.

In other news I should be lodging my tax return in the next couple of days so I'm super excited for getting that. I think I'll organise for it to be direct debited into my savings account so I can't spend it all. That way I'll have a big chunk to start off my savings which should help encourage me to actually put money in every pay. I have a lot to save up for. I really need my own lap top and my tax eturn should acutally be enough for it but I really want to at least double that amount before I get one so I still have a fair chunk left. I'm a bit strange about money like that. I like to just accumulate it. And for it to keep increasing. I love buying things but I hate having less money afterwards. But money is only covetable because you can buy things with it- it's not worht having if it just sits there.

Aside from a computer I have my next trip to save up for. Now that I've finally paid off my last one I can get a bit excited about it, even if it is about 16months away. I'm currently starting to organise a small Summer road trip with a few friends since I missed out on the snow trip this year. The current plan is to head North for around a week, spending half in Nimbin and half in Byron Bay. It should be fabulous. It'll be a great chilled trip- almost like a Schoolies 2.0. Nimbin is a really great place and I haven't spent much time in Byron but who doesn't love a lazy beach town? It's just in the opening planning stages and it's a trip I wanted to do last Summer but it didn't happen so I'm hoping we can get it together this time.

I can't wait to get paid tomorrow- I can finally shop!

-m xx

p.s. just pressed "send" on my final assignment. So exciting!

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