Monday, September 19, 2011

My last post was almost two weeks ago. I'm sorry, But like, nothing exciting enough to do a real post about has happened. I'm working. And hanging with friends. And chilling on the couch with boyfriend. Oh and I joined a gym! That's new.

Summer is around the corner and I'm super excited. I've got not one but TWO roadtrips planned with friends- one to Coffs Harbour over New Years, we're staying in aa 4 bedroom apartment on the beach which should be awesome, and one to Nimbin at the end of January, where we will be staying in cute little canvas perma-tents and this awesome hostel that has a pool and everything. It should be great.

I do wish I had been blogging more. But I'm feeling generally apathetic about most things lately. I'm just bored I guess. I basically hate my job- it's the same shit every day and I spend all week waiting for my next day off/the weekend and then hey guess what the weekend comes and goes and it's Monday again. It's something I've always done- spent all my time waiting and not actually appreciating the present. I'm trying to break out of it by enjoying the little things that are good about every day. For instance today James cooked bolognese and it was awesome. And I had a healthy lunch and felt good about myself. And I went bare legged today and got to work on my tan. And the weather is nice. And my hair is getting long. And I found out that having a coffee a day increases your metabolism by 10%. See? there's lots to enjoy during the week.

Ramshackle had their first gig with their new drummer Matt on Saturday night. The lighting was shit unfortunately but I got some snaps and once I sort them there may even be a few up here! That's basically everything I have to report. I had a pre-cognitive dream about a conversation with a work client which is about as exciting as my life gets.

OK so I seem a bit whiney today and I just need to say that my life is actually pretty awesome. most of the time. It's just the three or four days of work that kind of suck. Like I don't like my job but there's no point quitting and getting a new one that doesnt have any direction to it. I just need to work out what my next big step is. I want to go to FBI and study fashion business but it's like $4,000 and I'm like scared of asking my parents if they will pay for it. And I can't afford it. Especially since I'm going to Europe and hopefully America like the end of next year. I need direction in my life to drive me.

But apart from that I have 3-4 days off a week. I'm now going to the gym which actually makes me feel really good and hopefully soon look really good too! I spend a lot of time with my school friends. I get to sleep next to my boyfriend every night and we don't fight. I make enough to save and live comfortably. I work in one of the coolest parts of Sydney. I hang out with friends every weekend. I have a fair amount of freedom. I got a spontaneous tattoo the other day. It's getting hot. I'm going to have a fabulous summer. I give money to charity. I win money on scratchies. I can enjoy a drink or two of an evening.

I recently learnt that happiness is 50% pre-determined. The other 50% is only 10% life circumstances and 40% daily activities. So of the happiness we can control, almost all of it is simply what we do each day. It doesn't matter if you have money, a good job, a relationship, skinny legs so long as you make sure you do something you enjoy every day. Since then I've been actually doing things on my days off and I no longer have that feeling of wasting a day and essentially my life.

Ok so this is a big ramble with no real theme to it. But that's ok.

And now because someone will probably read this and think I'm depressed, which I'm not (just apathetic.) here's a smiley face:


-m xx

Peace out!

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  1. I'm too lazy to update lately myself and I admit I'm in a similar slump as you. I, too, eagerly await each weekend because I have work and school Monday thru Friday. Then I feel upset when the weekend comes and goes. I value my free time more than ever right now and I really hate having to do little tasks like running to the store for groceries or chores such as cleaning the fish tank.

    Sometimes I just want to sit and home and do nothing during my weekends and I feel like I'm losing my precious free time by spending time with my friends (not always, just sometimes lately). But I hardly see my friends lately.. I'm just in a weird mode I guess. Do you ever feel that way?