Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vid of the Week: "HE WON'T TRUST YOU NOW!"

Yes, I know, it's been a while.
But I've been super busy with work the last couple of weeks and when i do have time off there's nothing to blog about because I've just been working, see? But next thursday I'll be rich so it's all worth it.

Oh, didn't i tell you? That's right, I paid off my Europe debts. I am now a free woman. No longer will all my excess money go straight into my sister's account. I can buy shit now. On a regular basis! And save money! Woah!

Ok anyway so it IS a Sunday which means it's time for a video. Now I had a temporary hiatus from my vids of the week because my computer was being a dick and wouldnt even load youtube videos. And since I can't watch them, I can't decide if I like them, can I? Anyway, problem seems to be fixed for now.

This video is hilarious.


I'll be back on Wednesday, I promise. Even if I just blog about not having something to blog about.

-m xx

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