Monday, June 06, 2011

More than a woman

Gorgeous isn't he? Oh yes. Don't be fooled by the feminine cheekbones and AH-mazing hair. Andrej Pejic is indeed a man. Or rather, at 19 years old, a boy.

Earlier today I read a brief article about this beautiful model in Grazia. This year, FHM put him at 98th on their top 100 sexiest women list. They refer to him as a "thing" following up with the comment that the thought of him modelling for Victoria's Secret warranted a sick bucket. The magazine claimed the copy wasn't checked by the editor before it went to print.

How can this man, who is stunning enough to transcend gender, be judged for modelling both men's and women's clothing? I've always been a fan of androgyny and I don't see how there can be anything wrong with cross-dressing in the fashion world. This man has an unlimited market (ok I guess childrens clothing might not quite work out on a 6'2" 28" waisted man who looks better in makeup than I do) and he shouldn't be punished for that.

Not only is he an extremely talented model, but he's aware of his identity at such a young age and isn't afraid of it. He should be celebrated.

And drooled over. I mean... jeez.

-m xx


  1. Aha I can't be like Propecia, I'm too nice.
    That guy did fool me as a woman in the first pic, but the adams apple is a dead giveaway in the 2nd pic. I don't think some people realize that people are born that way and to judge them is just wrong.

  2. Okay remember I said I would get back to you once I've seen the True Grit remake? Yeah, I rented it today. Okay, so you were right on some level, but it wasn't a terrible movie. I couldn't understand a thing Jeff Bridges said, but luckily we had English subtitles turned on for my partially deaf brother-in-law.

    Mattie wasn't ugly at all, but that was part of the story. She was uglier in the original 1969 version.

    Fun Fact! I just discovered that there is a sequel to the 1969 film called Rooster Cogburn, once again starring John Wayne. I'm going to track that one down. ...And apparently there is a True Grit 3 featuring the return of Mattie! lol.

    Anyway... yea the original version was better than the remake. The remake was pretty slow and pretty much the same movie shot for shot with some minor changes.