Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Recluse

This film clip is a bit more creative than some of the others. I really like how they use both the prison scene and his life as a celebrity in the clip. The whole album goes with the in-prison-for-a-false-rape-charge theme but it's interested that they showed another angle for this song in the clip.

One more left! Unless of course they upload another on to youtube in the next two weeks. I hope they do because the last one leaves the story a bit unfinished, to say the least. And a few of my favourites are left out.

I'm writing this on Wednesday night. It's most likely than when you're reading this I'll be sleeping off a big night. Or if I'm feeling particularly ambitious, eating breakfast. Or, if I'm really productive, emptying a can of Glen 20 in my kitchen to try and cover up the smell of alcohol, pizza and stale tobacco.

-m xx

20/05/2011 UPD: So if the crazies are right you probably won't ever read this because it'll be The Rapture and you'll be distracted by all that judgement and all them earthquakes. Happy end of the world bitches.

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