Monday, May 31, 2010

Ok so

Haven't stopped by in a while. Been pretty busy, a few things to update the world with:

1. I have a new job, it's awesome. I'm a "stylist" at YOU Studios Photography, Rozelle. But before you get too excited a stylist isn't what you think it is. Basically I make phone calls to people a week or two before their bookings and run them through "style tips" for the day. It's pretty much a sales related role, my job is to keep the numbers of people actually showing up as high as possible. Then on the day before I do confirmation calls as well, which is pretty stressful on the weekends as we're always over booked and I have to shuffle people and pray enough of them reschedule. Fun though, plus I now get paid by the hour which is awesome!

2. Having money, I finally did a winter shop today. Got these awesome jeans from Just Jeans, called second skins, and they really are a second skin! Thin denim, super stretchy and tight. If it weren't for the button, I'd feel naked! I also, (finally) got a trench coat. I got it at Valley Girl (a place I normally avoid... I mean, it's like they pride themselves on being a wee bit cheap and trashy. Valley Girl? Who came up with that name, really? It's an insult, not the ideal name for a clothing store!) after my mother told me her friend got a nice one there (ok that sounded less lame in my head.) and it's nice and satiny and the perfect colour and has a slight puffiness to the shoulders that is oh-so-Burberry. Unfortunately it's tie-up not belted, but I'll get a good belt to team it with. Also got a gorgeous fluffy leopard print beret, (like the GPco one i featured in a previous post, except I haven't been able to find it so I got a similar one at Sports Girl) polka-dot stockings, ankle boots and some nice nail polish. I love having money...

3. New Ramshackle photos. I really need some other things to shoot... But considering I'd had a Bulmers and a double-strength Long Island Ice Tea (long story) I did pretty well. I put a few up on mbp-

Ok so that's the major updating done. Which brings me to a story which lead to an issue. So I was on the bus the other day, and this boy (I think about 17 or so) was clearly in the dark about where he was going. I could hear bits of his phone conversation, enough to know he needed to get off at BWS Gladesville (spoiler, now you know my general area. ZOMG don't murder me). I was planning to tip him off a stop before but since i was on the phone to my sister and she demands my full attention I forgot.

Of course he didn't see BWS (weird, I must have a radar for them. I can't imagine not seeing one) and happened to ask me just before Ryde aquatic centre (about a km too far) I gave him a general idea of how far he'd gone and he got off the bus at the next stop. As he walked passed me, he handed me a piece of paper. I know you're reading this and thinking "Oh here we go," exactly as I was as I reluctantly reached for it. But When I unfolded it I was shocked. No. Phone. Number. The note read as follows: "Facebook :) Add me on fb" followed by his name. First, confusion, then I actually giggled out loud on a packed 501.

But seriosuly, is this what we're doing now? It raises a good discussion I feel. I mean, It sure does take the pressure off. "Add me on facebook" can mean a variety of things; "You seem nice/interesting," "I want more online friends because I have a void to fill in my real life" "I want to casually check if you have a boyfriend without having to ask" "I want steal your photos and photoshop your face onto Angelina's body," etc. etc. Unlike a phone number, which seems to only mean "I'm planning on using this to ask you to meet me with romantic/sexual pretences." But with all the negative hype facebook is getting lately, I'm surprised people would try this? I mean, what if I were to, Oh I don't know, let's say, add him, miraculously lose a few million brain cells and agree to meet him alone, in a dark isolated place and get myself murdered, hmm? Something to consider before i do anything reckless like add a stranger on facebook. Better check my privacy setting to make sure he can't find out my email adress BEFORE I agree to go camping with him.

But seriously, it made me think (clearly). Anyway, a few days later, I was like "why not, let's find this guy, check his info and lurk his photos and then maybe add him. If he turns out to be a freak I can delete him" (a definite advantage of facebook verses phone number). But guess what, I couldn't find him.

-m xx

Monday, May 10, 2010

Product placement in Dr Who

prof. River Song, and THE shoes.

Ok, so I was watching Dr. Who last night, a fantastic episode in which the weeping angels return called "Time of the Angels" and I noticed something that at first shocked and excited and then somewhat disgusted me.
River Song, return character and The Doctor's possible future wife, struts into view at the start of the episode, but the camera, instead of focusing on her, focuses oh so subtly on her shoes. Which were, most surprisingly, undeniably the Alti pump by Christian Louboutin. I had to see the red sole before I would allow myself to really believe it was them, but red sole I saw plenty. They really made a point of showing them, they were always at eye level. And though they never showed the name itself, the distinctive look of a Louboutin is unmistakeable. Now, at first it seemed fabulous. A marriage of two things I love, that had previously not been linked together in the slightest. but then I realised, does Dr. Who really need to stoop to an especially young cast and the inclusion of designer fashion to get an audience? Are they perhaps trying to appeal to a wider, more modern group of people by showing that they too, know who the shoe designer du jour is? It seems wrong, and I hate to seem like the I'm-so-underground-I-only-like-bands-you've-never-heard-of-and-everyone-on-radio-is-deliberately-commercial type, but it screams "Sell out" to me. it's not the right fit. it's as if River is squeezing herself into a size 8 when she's really a definite 8.5 or maybe even a 9 in a small make. (Though they did look fantastic, and boy she walked well in them). It just didn't feel right to me.

Pay special attention to the last 40seconds or so. The shoes are hanging on a rung of the Tardis, one on each side of River's face, with the red soles very clear and visible. Subtle guys, subtle.

and just to show you how damn scary the weeping angels are...
They're actually girls painted and wearing rubber wings and stuff half of the time.
That's it for now

Friday, May 07, 2010

I'm so bored

I've spent the last hour or so watcing old RayWilliamJohnson vids on youtube. Hurry up and post the new one Ray! It is WAY past Thursday now, even by NY time!

As I'm sure you've guessed, I didn't end up going to the fashion fwd festival. I was too hungover this morning to get to Paddington at 10:30. I got out of bed at 1:30! Ah well, maybe next year.

Oh and you may well remember that my favourite from the last cycle of ANTM went on to come in second place? Well I didn't do a post about my favourite this cycle, so i can't prove I picked her but she won! Which means what, next year I'll pick first and second? Anyway, she's amazing, could tell she'd be good from the first episode. She always looks good, even in candid photos.

This is my favourite photo of all time right now. Except the feet. Point those toes missy

Those lips!

This was her first ANTM photoshoot! AH-Mazing!

Nicole Fox (Foxy Nicole?)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Not sure if anyone noticed..

but my mixpod music playlist stopped working eons ago. Not sure why. Anyway, I found a replacement music host and now I have music again! Currently featuring DJ Earworm, who is a genius of mashups. In 2007 he got the top 25 songs of the year and put them together in one awesome track! And hes done it the two years since. 2009 is my favourite, discovered in el van de worko, Eleanor. Awesome. Can't wait for '10

There is...

a rat in my room or at least there was last night. See, Wednesday I discovered a rat as it ran underneath my TV cabinet. Once I'd established it WAS a rat and not some giant mutant cockroach with whiskers (edit: a "cockamouse." Anyone else see that ep of How I Met Your Mother? "It can flyyy...!") I told mum and of course she said "Oh I saw Cleo [our rather demonic cat] playing with something last night. I was hoping it was just a grasshopper," or something along those lines. Gee. Thanks Mum.
See, as we all know, cats like to play with living things, tossing them around untill eventually their neck snaps or something and the cat either eats it or leaves it as a present on the kitchen floor. Or outside my mum's bedroom. But Cleo isn't the best of hunters and it managed to escape uninjured. Into our house.
Obviously when I discovered the rat I kept my bedroom door shut to avoid it getting in there and likely making a nest in the shambles of my floor/wardrobe/handbags/book shelf. But my lovely, cute, musician boyfriend who sadly often suffers from an undeniable lack of common sense, went to my room to dump his bag and get changed and LEFT THE DOOR OPEN. Unspeakable... of course, it was also my gorgeous, sexy, scruffy haired boyfriend who woke me up at 2:20am because the rat was in my room, and he'd been lying there, listening to it, petrified for about half an hour. He's also scared of balloons- heart of a lion he has, J.
So, needless to say I didn't sleep to much last night. I woke up again later to hear the rat trying to escape through the security screen of my window; climbing up my guitar, then frantically climbing up and down the screen before heading back down to the floor and rustling around in what I can only assume was my bin before repeating the pattern. I felt sorry for the poor thing. Attacked by a cat and now trying to escape, drawn to my window by the cold air that signified, to him (or her, let's not assume here people) freedom. But what could I do? If I tried to catch it to take it outside, it would have only run and hid. But after a moment of paranoia last night where I thought I could feel it climbing on me, I definitely DO NOT want it in my room. Plus I'm very worried it will end up dying of starvation in my room and I won't find it untill the smell leads me to its grave, most likely inside one of my shoes.
Either way, I now have to leave my bedroom door open in case it's still in there, which means if it isn't, I'm giving it the means to return.

I think I'm in love...

Absolutely amazing. Love what she did with the melody of BR at the start. Gorgeous. Also love that it shows how well she can really sing.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pretty Things

I got a bit experimental, arranging pretty things together. Anyway, here are some of the photos, a few more will be up on my photgraphy blog in a jiffy.

Take note of my awesome camera necklace, I got it from GPco on Sunday. It makes me happy :)

Over exposed but I like the dream-like quality because of that.

Also, this is my awesome Lady GaGa teacup that I bought at Vinnie's, to complete the outfit below:

Yes, that was the best photo I could find to show off the costume... There was one ages ago of me serving behind the bar (big mistake...) but I can't find it.
This is what happens when I get time off...


made a Polyvore. Here's my first set:

First set

I'm obsessed with shorts and skirts in winter for some reason. I guess I'm subconsiously drawn to irony. Also, love these Tony Bianco shoes, they come in a few colours, my favourite being "stone chicago," pictured below. Perhaps if I do well with my new job I can justify buying them.

Aren't they beautiful?

Also, I've been seeing these adorable fluffy leopard print berets everywhere, and I've decided I want one. At GPco they have it in a gorgeous snowy colour, instead of the regular fawny leopard.

I can picture the two going very nicely in an outfit together, they'd do well at livening up otherwise boring clothing.


With hands. Rings, nailpolish, hand tattoos, bracelets. Anything to do with hands...

images from various sources found using le olde google. Checkerboard made by myself on Photoscape.
Not sure why. Just am.

Cathy Bates

You will never not scare me...


...found a clear plastic ultra-domey umbrella with a black handle/edging! Thankyou David Jones, take my $30 immediately and gimme!
I had my last day at The SMART Group today, and I'm not starting the new job untill Monday so I plan to take photos of pretty things tomorrow, and you're sure to see them. Also, I found something awesome to do on Saturday- The Fashion Forward Festival. For deets, go here:

Also, you can volunteer to help out, and one of the "categories" is photography. I'll be there with my camera anyway so I applied. it's a bit last minute so I might not hear back but we'll see. Could get me noticed :)
That's all for now

Monday, May 03, 2010

One of them devoured the other, then died of loneliness...

Funniest. Thing. Ever.

Also, new photos up on my photography site-
That's it for now, time for me to go wash red dye out of my hair :)