Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well you know how I said I'd get a photobucket? Like 10min ago?
Well, I did
Username MellJBrown.
Go forth

Random Fact

#1 Elephants bury their dead, and then stay graveside like one would at a funeral. Don't ask me how they dig, I didn't find out that much

So, first proper photoshoot coming up soon! Ramshackle are getting me to do group and single portraits of them on Sunday, for free of course, but it should be fun. And I haven't even gotten to use my D90 since I got it so...
And January 9th is their next gig, at the Lewisham hotel again. So I will of course be there with my trusty camera (hmm... needs a name) and I'm thinking I might stalk the other bands and try and get myself noticed. Get some photos of them, give them business cards so they can see the photos and hopefully are impressed enough to book me for a future gig! (Wishful thinking...) Which brings me to a point: I think I'm going to make a photobucket or something. Just so I can display my photos easily without having people stalk me on facebook. I'd make a second blog but it takes too much time to upload and arrange photos into a post, so I'll stick to putting the special ones here.

Gunna do some last minute christmas shopping today. Going to T2 to pick up some nice things for my mummy, who likes tea, and getting Steph another monopoly set (city- you can make skyscrapers) and some other stuff. As for J, we've decided to pay for each others tattoos for Christmas (win, mine costs more) so I'm just going to get him a few small things.

It is far too hot to post some form of image today- nothing inspires me in this weather.
Peace out

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bus Strikes and Tattoos

Are incredibly lame.
Meant to be meeting J at West Ryde, but as he lives in Newington and there are no buses today, he's not sure if he can get there. I'm fine, I can walk there. But currently I'm just sitting here waiting to hear from him- my social life is in limbo!
You may be wondering what we plan to do at West Ryde, so I'll tell you. J is finally taking the plunge and getting inked, with a tiny heart on his middle finger. It's a tip of the hat to Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day front man) who has the aforementioned tattoo (see below), since he's James' musical idol.

Besides, it makes giving the finger that much more ironic.

Work Xmas party was last night, had a great time! We only worked up a $350 bar tab, I'm slightly disappointed. And wondering why it wasn't higher because I had my fair share...
Wore this new dress I got from Tattoo for $20. It was weird buying it because my cousin was the model for the recent Junk campaign so there were photos of her in the store- her eyes followed me everywhere!
The dress is like a dull blue, almost navy, with some ruffly stuff a the front. It's quite low cut and I probably had the boobs out a bit more than one should at a work Christmas party but oh well!
Speaking of Christmas, I haven't even begun THINKING about shopping for presents, and it's only 1 week away! I have no idea what to get J, and he's the same with me. But I don't even know what I want so how can I give him ideas? He should be able to think of something, not like he's known me for over 4 years or anything... maybe we should just take each other shopping. I could get him to buy me a tattoo but I haven't designed what I want yet, which is like a stylised apple, representative of my dream of one day living in Manhattan ("The Big Apple"). Probably something not too dissimilar from the Woolworth's symbol, sadly...
Anyway, I'm sure we'll work something out.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I was aiming for at least 79 :)
Really wanted 80 but ah well, close enough.
Beside, I can round it up...
Happy days

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HSC results

Got them today
Actually got a little teary from the relief of it all!
Thank god for teacher's discretion and their ability to bump up assessment marks!

Student Number: 20443898

Units. Courses Entered. Examination Mark. Assessment Mark. HSC Mark. Band.

2 . Chemistry . 73/100 . 70/100 . 72 . 4
2 . EarthEnviro. Sc. 82/100 . 81/100 . 82 . 5
2 . English (Adv) . 79/100 . 81/100 . 80 . 5
1 . English Ext 1 . 30/50 . 40/50 . 35 . E3
2 . Visual Arts . 78/100 . 79/100 . 79 . 4
2 . German Cont . 78/100 . 75/100 . 77 . 4
1 . German Ext . 34/50 . 35/50 . 35 .E3


Not too shabby at all! all band 4s and 5s, all final marks over 70%
Hallelujah! (can I get an Amen?)

Oh and here's a photo to leave you with, i believe it makes summarising the Green Day concert completely unnecessary:

you can see J in the crowd, and my arm nextto him :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

How have I never seen this before?

Seriously. Good Stuff.

And only fitting considering in two days I will be at the Green Day concert. noone appreciates my excitement... except of course J, who perfectly understands my unconditional love for this band.

I also want to say that schoolies was pretty tops. Except the boy know only as "the nappy haired butt pincher" who isn't very good at obeying red stickers (I'd hate to see him drive, in that case)

New, post-schoolies loves:

*Prancing around in my cropped bardot top and bikini bottoms
*The drinking game; "What the fuck"- it's like 4 kings, but more extreme and it doesn't involve clothes swapping.
*The boys of floor 13 PDT
*PDT in general (paradise towers apartments- i.e. the oldest apartment building in surfers paradise)
*Tom the security guard
*Lip piercings (apparently, since i got one)
*That 3Oh!3 song with Katy Perry
*Elevates. Seriously, 300mL, 1.9 standard drinks with energy. $10 for a 4 pack.
*The Ultimate Schoolies '09 drink! 2 parts electric pink cruiser, 1 part double black, plus a dash of the secret ingredient.
*Maccas cheeeseburgers
*My free Cacharel "Scarlet" EDT,courtesy of Grazia for getting letter of the week in issue 64 (finally got my prize). It's delicious. Not something I would buy but it's really grown on me.

And another vid to leave you with, Green Day performing "She" live. Just pay attention to Billie's ramble before he starts singing. Outrageous.