Friday, July 29, 2011


I went bra shopping the other day for the first time in over a year. And I've learnt why I avoided it for so long. It's just so ridiculous. Every shop is entirely different and it's impossible to even know where to begin! For me, price is a huge priority- it absolutely disgusts me that an item that 50% of the population wear every day can cost so much. Especially considering there isn't exactly a whole lot of material involved.

Because of my cheapness, the first place I tend to look is Cotton On Body. Or at least it was. Having measured myself as a 10D-DD, I went straight there, because it was the only place I knew of that stocked bras of that size for less than $40. In I went, feeling optimistic about leaving my life of ill-fitting lingerie behind, and plucked both sizes off the rack. Knowing that it's always best to go for the larger when you're between sizes, I tried the DD first. To my surprise and disappointment, it was too small. In the cup. Around the back, it fit perfectly. Having worn a 12C for the last year I was happy to actually feel the back strap touching me, instead of this odd piece of material swinging from my shoulders. But I was undeniably suffering from double-boob syndrome- where a bra cup is too small and pushes everything up and over, creating a looovely bump effect.

Disheartened, I gave up. I couldn't afford to spend more than $10 or $15 on a bra and had no idea where else to look. But last weekend, after a few days of shopping online for entirely unnecessary items such as tutus and capes, I realise I miraculously still had some extra cash so I decided to try again. First, after such fun with the online browsing I found a 10DD plain black bra on ebay (new, not second hand. Ew) for $25 including express postage. Then, I went to Target, because I knew they stocked some brands such as Lovable, which my 10DD grandmother has told me is the only brand that fits her properly. Miraculously, they even had some in their own line so I grabbed a few and trotted to the change room full of optimism.

Now, the thing I hate most about bra shopping is trying them on. It's just so tedious. Getting practically nekkid, throwing one on, adjusting the straps, loosening/tightening the back, leaning forward and jiggling the bits into place (Really. The signs on the change room door even recommend it.) and examining from all angles to find out that no- this one doesn't fit either. Saturday was no exception.

A word to the wise: Target bras are really small in the back. My skin turned red trying on the 10s. After spending 20 minutes finding and trying on a handful of bras I had to start again. This time I only grabbed one, figuring the sizes would be consistent. I went for the 12D and though I wasn't certain it was quite big enough in the cup I really didn't want to face the change room attendant again so I just went with it and bought a few.

$70 later, I have three bras that sort of fit. But I'm a damn sight better off than I was before. Studies show that over 80% of women wear the wrong size bra and well, how can that be surprising when there's no standard in sizing? Every store has different measurements. Even if you do find a size that fits, it isn't long before the shoulder and back straps stretch to the point that they no longer do. If you're blessed with a larger chest (ooh she rhymes) you're forced to spend more than those who aren't so "lucky"- it's hardly luck to have trouble finding a bra that even fits on top of all the other problems that large busted women have to endure and I now, to a point, understand. After 5 years of being a 10B-C and rolling my eyes whenever someone with unassisted cleavage complained about how annoying it is to have more than a handful, I finally get it.

-m xx

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  1. The place to go around here for bras is Victoria's Secret, but they cost about $30-40. Your size sounded weird to me until I discovered that Americans have different sizes, which makes sense considering our metric system.

    An hour isn't a long driving time to me.. I usually have to drive an hour to get to fun places, like San Francisco. But is Sydney really that large? Damn!