Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Dangers of Boredom

I have a problem.

I can't be entertained simply by watching something. It's like I need to keep my hands busy or something. Normally this results in excessive eating and facebooking. Wednesday however, I decided it was a good idea to browse on ebay. And so it began.

It's like I can't stop shopping online! I've bought a camel cape, a silver circle skirt, a bra (yes a bra. Off ebay. But it was $24 including express postage and it's virtually impossible to find bra in my size for less than like $40. If this works I'll never have to go to BnT again!) and I'm bidding on a cute little tut skirted dress thing which is currently only costing me $17.50 including postage- here's hoping no douchebag comes along and bumps up my bid. Add that to the other things I'm watching and considering buying and the fact that half of my underwear has holes in it we're looking at a fair amount of spending. But at least my wardrobe will be happy.
The good news is I worked 7 days last fortnight and got a bunch of bookings so I'll be getting paid lots next week. Better news is I'm down to $700 debt and only 2 pays or 3 weeks away from paying it all off! Yay! And I've still got my tax return around the corner. It feels weird to have spare money but I better get used to it. Maybe I should start selling some things to make up for the things I'm buying.

Well I'm only posting to resist spending more money so maybe I should go do something more constructive like my next assignment.

-m xx

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  1. I really wish I had some extra spending money. Still trying to fight off my debt. I only get paid once a month. I have some stuff I've been too lazy to throw on Ebay.

    Have you heard anything about the new Google+? I have an account, but I read somewhere that Blogger is going away and being replaced by Google Blogs. My concern is that my blog might become linked to my Google+ account.

    I don't want certain people having access to my blog.. like people I know at work or my own family. It's my own place to get away and vent if I need to.