Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thumbs Up for Apathy

I know, I know I haven't been posting much lately. I do have an explanation which is what this is- one of my frequent post-to-explain-lack-of-posts.

So I only work about three days a week which means I get a lot of days off. Unfortunately, these days off always coincide with my mother needing her laptop, which happens to be the only computer in the house. I'm limited to facebook for iPhone.

And before I get a smart-arse "Uh why don't you buy a laptop? Derp" comment- laptops cost money. Which is something I don't exactly have a surplus of. On a positive note, I'm down to $1200 debt! AND my course is paid off after just one more $49 installment. AND tax return is coming up. Luxuries like hair cuts (only 16 months since my last one...) waxing and yoga will soon be within my reach.

On a positive note I'm starting "vid of the week" every Sunday from this one so you'll have SOMETHING to look at regularly on here. I really do want to start vlogging because, let's face it, not many people actually want to READ things anymore. But with my aforementioned computer limitations and the fact my filming options are restricted to my phone or my DSLR and I'm pretty sure the only editing software I have is windows movie maker, it could be a while.

It really kills me having a day off with no computer. You know what there is to do without a computer?


Well nothing remotely constructive at least. You want to know what I did today? I got up after 11 (after a strangely pre-cognitive dream, but more on that later!) and watched the first part of mini-series Pandemic, followed by Dr. Oz (where he told me lipo doesn't cure cellulite, so I guess I gotta think of something else to put my HUGE amounts of savings towards) followed by about two hours of Donkey Kong 64 and THEN I showered and that was less than three hours ago. Since then it's been TV time.

Compared to the assignments, blogging and youtubing I could have been doing if I had a computer, today was a whole lot of nothing. At least I showered. And I did also discover another website-mentioned-on-How-I-Met-Your-Mother-that-exists-in-real-life (but that was after mum came home with the computer so that doesn't even count.) Yes, Not a Father's Day, much like Ted Mosby is a Jerk and It Was The Best Night Ever actually exists. And I found this sweet invention to leave you with:

Yes, that's NPH's face on a negative pregnancy test. With two thumbs up. Best.

Way better than that smiley face means positive i.e. you are pregnant crap. That's just cruel. Like "YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY! YAY!

...unless you don't want to be pregnant in which case maybe you should look at this stick upside down?"

-m xx

p.s. YES! The dream! So I had a dream last night/this morning that I was peeing and I looked up and my bathroom door was open. I had a heap of people over and I shut it but then I'd look again and it had opened somehow. Then the music was too loud but I couldn't do anything because I was peeing see?

Anyway, I got up this morning (just) and went to the bathroom. I looked up, mid-pee, and THE DOOR WAS OPEN. Somehow, despite the fact that I have distressing dreams about going to the toilet in front of people ALL THE TIME, I forgot to shut the bathroom door. And that's how I discovered I'm psychic.

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