Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Things that Mel likes.

Capturing a perfect photo
Gossip Girl
Finding a good pub with cider on tap
Freshly painted nails.
Top Model
Crunchie icecreams, despite the fact that I don't like Crunchies. I don't understand it either...
The smell of christmas trees, depsite not liking christmas much.
KFC. (Untill the guilt sets in that is.)
Mangoes. Salad. Drenched in Balsamic.
Wine. Red wine.
Getting complimented on my clothes. Generally compliments make me feel kind of awkward but with clothes it's different. I mean I try to dress cute.
Buying nailpolish. Particularly if it's a completely sexified colour I don't already have.
Lemon lime and bitters. Nom.
Having money. Not using it, just having it. Sitting there, accumulating.
Vinnies/Salvos and their ever increasing bretherin. Oh such finds.
Ugly Betty. If it weren't for the amazing fashion moments though, things might be different.
Marian Keyes books.
Sushi. Particularly the train variety.
Sex and the City. The series and the first movie. The second movie was a bit of a fail. But, oh, the clothes!
Shane Dawson.
Other awesome youtube moments.
Sleep ins on rainy days.
Sleep ins on windy days.
Sleep ins on cold days.
Watching movies/countless episodes of gossip girl/SATC/Ugly Betty on cold/rainy/windy days.
Facebook notifications.
Trendy people. Like the adorable gay boy I saw today wearing a sheer khaki button shirt. With pale khaki shorts. And combat boots. Perfection.
Red lipstick. On anyone.
Stroking things in Mimco.
Buying a new diary for 2011!
Back-to-school shopping (or anything else that neccessitates trips to officeworks and smiggle for general supplies).
Swivel chairs.
Sheer stockings.
Sheer blouses.
Sheer... anything.
Blog comments.
New blog posts on my favourites.
Australia Day. Never a let down, unlike NYE which is almost always a let down.
Colour coding.
Scented Highlighters.
Colour coding my new 2011 diary that I bought at smiggle with my scented highlighters.
Leighton Meester's lips.
Leighton Meester's cheekbones.
Leighton Meester.
Tuesday Nights. Because ANTM and Gossip Girl are on.
Tyra Banks. Oh no you didn' Tyra.
Shane Dawson's Aunt Hilda. "I stick my pinky out 'cause I'm classy as fuck"
The Rachel Zoe Project.
Making fun of Rachel Zoe. "OMG. This is bananas."
Grazia magazine.
Writing things in brackets (despite the fact that it's rarely neccessary).
Making fun of Alanis Morrisset's definition of irony. "Rain on your wedding day"? I think not.
Having decision made for me. Like ending this post because ANTM has starting, after agonising over the perfect last point.

-m xx

p.s. Nails this week are "Blue my Mind" by Rimmel. It's really more of a dark purple. Liars...


  1. lol, so if you didn't figure it out yet, go to your blogger dashboard, click edit posts and click edit for the post you want. At the bottom of the screen where you would click Publish Post, look right above that and you'll see a little blue link labeled Post Options. Click that and there you can change the Post date and time. BTW have you checked your facebook hotmail lately?

  2. So you don't know what it's called? If not mileage, then what? You've never driven a car have you? LOL okay I googled and the answer might be kilometerage. I emailed you, that's why I asked about hotmail. I sent it to the other one then..android. Check it, yo.