Sunday, January 23, 2011

Europe Photos: Greece; Summer 2010

Here it is, the third installment!
It might be a while till the next, as father is about to go to Vietnam for a month and all my Europe photos are on his computer and I won't have as regular access to it etc. etc. But if I have time, I'll get them on CD before he leaves and go through that hullabaloo at mother's. One month down! Two to go!

Cannabis energy drink? I don't understand it either.

Why yes, we ARE standing on a volcano.

Yes, that IS a hot-as-all-hell bartender making a ring out of straws.

"OMG that cat has a moustache!"

Boats. Eurgh.

Yes, I know. Slut Boardshop. Who cares if it's over-exposed? It has the word slut in it!

So there you go.
-m xx

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