Friday, January 28, 2011

Europe Photos: UK and Ireland; Summer 2010

Part 4 of the photographic tour of Europe

Fake plaque in Dublin.

Aquatic monopoly board? I just don't know.

Snoozing on the grass

rainbow :)

Moo looking out over Loch Ness.
(this photo still makes me giggle, 4months later)

Joyous after a trip to Primark for dirt cheap winter woollies


Diagon Alley, York.

Mother's childhood home in Nottingham

Really, an Audi? For me?

"Saaaaandy balls"

(biggest coffee mug EVAH)

Dear World: This boring piece of concrete above is London Bridge.
This IMPRESSIVE piece of concrete below is Tower Bridge. Learn the distinction, yeah?
(America, particularly that guy who bought London Bridge thinking he was getting Tower Bridge, I'm talking to you)


OXO advertising with their windows

Let's play spot the monopoly reference!

Yorkshire pud. Not pudding at all, really.


Bangers & Mash.

Next up, Germany, Eastern Europe and Amsterdam. I'm not sure how I'll group the last 5 weeks or so, into posts but we'll see what happens.
I had a bad day today. Interview for my TAFE course among other things. I'll post more about that when I find out the results- get some hindsight into the mix. In more positive news, I had Thai for dinner and it's the weekend! (I have two of those a week since I only work Monday and Friday right now). Tomorrow night I'm seeing a western movie for God only knows what reason. Should be a laugh, though. And by Monday, I should know what I'm doing with the next 6months of my life- goody!
-m xx

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  1. Okay, so first of all, I know I can't say this enough but you really are great photographer. The way you capture certain angles and bring beauty to some things that most people would pass without noticing is just awesome. I hope TAFE works out for you because you do have a good future with photography if you continue to pursue it.

    Some photo comments:
    1. Love the closeup on the iron bars where you said TARDIS!
    2. Audi pic, funny! Didn't notice without clicking the pic.
    3. Biting your hand, why?
    4. London Bridge I knew about due to prior research. Lame bridge!
    5. The yellow jacket bee, very good capture! I would be too afraid to get too close, I've been stung 3 times.
    6. Moo the Coo is fucking epic.
    7. I like the graveyard shot!