Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh, and p.s.

I believe I mentioned the other day that I waxed a friend's chest? Well, large chunks of it were filmed, and lovely Jared has edited it into a 6min film of pain and awesomeness.

If you have never heard my voice, you may freak out a bit. I don't talk much but I know that when reading a blog you get an idea in your head of what a person sounds like and if I don't meet that expectation I'm sorry! As a special treat, you may even hear me sing a bit! So please, don't have a mental breakdown over my man-voice and the weird accent I sometimes adopt when on video. I don't mean to do it.


-m xx

P.S. pay close attention to the scene where Jared waxes a strip. I instruct him on how to do it, specifically saying "do not pull up." What does he do? And Andy ends up with a square hickey on his chest from it.

P.P.S mushroom nailpolish featured heavily in the vid.

1 comment:

  1. Oh hell no. I could never go through something like that. You should've had some hard liquor on hand for him to ease his pain. I've only seen this done in the 40 Year Old Virgin and the real thing looks real painful! Lucky for me I don't get much chest hair and I think using a razor blade to shave it is much easier!

    And Mel, really? A man voice? Not at all. But you sound normal to me. Maybe because I met you in person before... I mean I do hear your accent but yeah I guess other readers wouldn't be able to expect an accent through text. :P