Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Europe Photos: Italy; Summer 2010

Here you go, the next installment of photos from my trip.
3 weeks down and 9 to go!
Oh God...

Let's play Spot The Anchorman Reference!

Yeah I'm stylish.

"Look like you're dancing."

In Sydney, this man would certainly be gay. In Italy... Well who knows?

Greece is next on the Agenda :)
-m xx
P.s. for those who live under a rock or don't watch world news, Australia has some crazy ass flooding going down in QLD right now. This is something that will affect the whole country for at least a couple of years, and I don't think anyone will be eating bananas for while. (OK last time Queensland had crazy weather, the main ripple effect was paying through the nose for banans. Which I don't like anyway so suck it.) It's huge news of course, but for some reason, the three main free to air channels, think it's neccessary to do all day non stop flood reports. Not exaggerating, all shows on channels 9, 10 and 7 are off. All that's on are flood updates, which go something like this "yupp. Still flooded. Look at these photos of inundated houses and stray boats making a bid for freedom" and of course the neccessary mid-emergency emotional video montages, which mostly consist of slow motion shots of people crying, or first hand accounts from Queenslander's with bogan accents (god love 'em) or footage of some smug guy sitting on his couch on top of the roof of his house, beer in hand. OK, yes we're in a state of emergency, but spending all day telling us, to the second, what's happening ("low tide." "high tide." "reminiscent of the 1974 flood." etc) is not really helping. Maybe just have a quick bulletin every half hour? Or when somthing important happens. Is it neccessary to cancel The Simpsons?
Anyway, I'm glad I have Foxtel... Aside from all other reasons it's just plain depressing hearing about the flood all day.

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