Friday, January 14, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

"Sometimes, you meet a wonderful person, but it’s only for a brief instant. Maybe on vacation or on a train or maybe even in a bus line. And they touch your life for a moment, but in a special way. And instead of mourning because they can’t be with you for longer, or because you don’t get the chance to know them better, isn’t it better to be glad that you met them at all?"
-'Watermelon' by Marian Keyes

@Hot Damn, QBar. Uncomfortably hot and not quite drunk enough.

This week (the remaining two days of it) the nails are "Walking on Sunshine" by Chi Chi.
As you can well see, it is yellow. This sounds odd, but it makes me wish I was black. Bright colours just look so gorgeous on a rich, chocolatey skin tone.
-m xx


  1. ..You're right, it does sound odd. Extremely odd. I've never heard anyone ever wish they were black. Not that being black is bad. How racist did I sound just now? :( Maybe just avoid the bright colors? Or dye your hair blonde to match the yellow.

  2. I grew up in the ghetto. I'm entitled to talk like I'm uneducated every once in awhile, ya feel me dawg? LOL I'm not racist. And I never said I don't wish I was black... even though I don't necessarily wish I was black. Nor do I wish I was any other race than the mix of races that make me who I am. You're setting me up for failure aren't you?