Friday, January 28, 2011

Europe Photos: Oktoberfest + Berlin; Autumn 2010

Here it is,
Oktoberfest in Munich (4 freezing nights in a tent) and about a week in Berlin where I relearnt the joy of having a bed inside and not having to sleep in a scarf when it's about 8 degrees out.

Early morning flight from London.
99 luft Balloons auf ihrem weg zum Horizont

Steph's "vagina face"




The Reichstag

"You have learned, what freedom means and will never forget it again."
(sounds better auf Deutsch)

His milkshake brings ALL the boys to the yard.


I need to point out that Derek automatically focused on the hot chick in the background instead of the person I was meaning to snap.

Raw chicken in a freezer bag.

"Be not alone and be free"

The tarffic light Ampelmann

Memorial to the murdered Jew of the Holocaust.
I'm craving sushi train like crazy right now, but nothing new there.
-m xx

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  1. Melly B, are you complaining that my comments can be long? Because I think you like that I am nice enough to fill your comments page with a lot of words! And ya know what, you ignored my comment about the Westerns because you know damn well you are biased and hate Westerns LOL.

    But yeah, it can be real frustrating when you get grouped up with students that aren't willing to be team players or they're flat out unreliable.