Friday, January 28, 2011

Europe Photos: UK and Ireland; Summer 2010 (part two)


My photo folders weren't quite in order. Which completely explains why I felt I was missing a few days. Aaaaaanyway, here are the rest

I love a science pun.
"Geology rocks!" is one of my faves personally so I digged the Stonehenge stuff.
(consequently wearing the same nailpolish as I am this week. Embarrassing)

Grumpy rock is grumpy.

Dr. Who exhibit in Cardiff Bay.

(the Daleks move and talk, I actually felt quite frightened. And I'm deathly afraid of the Pig Slaves. They freak me out no end)

See you soon.
-m xx

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  1. Where is stonehenge? I've always wanted to go there, never actually knew where though lol.