Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yes. I did it.
I put ads on my blog. I don't know why I didn't before now... I mean, over the last year+ I could have racked up a nice little pile for myself, despite my mere trickle of readers.

Anyway, I'm just being a slave to Google and letting them pick what may appeal to my audience, since there isn't a whole lot of consistency of theme on this blog (yeah I know, I'm working on it!) but if this goes well-ish I may choose to advertise things that are, you know, relevant to something.

I'm not allowed to click the ads myself. But feel free to click as many ads on "accomodation in paris" as you like/can/are bullied into clicking by me.

As payment, I offer you the soul of my first born.

Thanks bitches.
-m xx

UPDATE: So I just viewed my blog to see if the ads had changed and what's right at the top of the list? "Gay accomodation Paris"
Since when could accomodation have a sexual preference? That's amazing. And rather appropriate considering I work on Oxford St. in Sydney... 5 doors up from House of Fetish.

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