Thursday, November 18, 2010

With my first pay in close to four months, my birthday and Christmas all around the corner, I've already started some planning for the hardcore spending I will need to do. I mean, having too much spare cash lying around just isn't safe, is it?

Right now, my focus is trained mostly on accesories, particularly mimco. Possibly due to the fact that I almost ruined my mimco shoes at the Melbourne cup, but maybe "needing" a replacement item is just my excuse to drool over the wee beauties.

Here's just a few things on my possibly-buying-when-I-have-lots-of-money list:

In the bag.

It's all in the details.

Ah, my pretties...

Mimco out of your price range? May I recommend Mouche, this gorgeous little accessory brand I discovered in Chatswood (See North Shore kids? Chatswood has some good stuff). Mark my words, it's the next mimco. I fell in love with one particular bag there. I love skulls. I also love studs. I also love envelope-clutch-type-things. This bag, is all of those and so much more! Yes. It is an envelope-clutch-type-thing with SKULL SHAPED STUDS. It is seriously amazeballs. i tried to find a photo but their website appears to be under construction. At $180, it's a lot more affordable than most mimco bags. They also have some seriously awesome quirky jewellery, as low as $14! That store is daaaangerous. But when I get some money, possibly next week even, that skull-stud bag is so mine. It'll do nicely as a temporary fix while I save up a bit more for some sweet, sweet mimco.
-m xx

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