Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I may have to get a new job...

It was torture enough when I discovered the mimco store in Chatswood Chase after work yesterday. Especially considering I finish work at 4 WHEN IT'S STILL OPEN. But it gets worse.

Every day, I walk past sunglass hut. It has windows. With display shelves. And they put the chanels at the front.

I've fallen in love.

Could they be any more magnificent? And if you're excited now, they come in other colours! orange, blue, pale pink, clear and the practical black.

Even the black has something to draw your eyes in!

The one tiny insignificant hiccup in the magic that is the Chanel CC4182s? The price tag. $490 in store. I did a bit of hunting online and have found a website that sells them for about $360. But with everything I want to buy RIGHT NOW and everything else coming up- fucking up my tax form so I missed out on $85 this week, Christmas, starting TAFE, not being able to work full time next year, owing my sister the equivalent of about 6 weeks pay etc. etc. they may just be a bit of a pipe dream. That doesn't stop me going into the store after work tomorrow and seeing how they look though, does it? I could get lucky, they might look terrible. One can only hope...

In the mean time, I do have $300 birthday money to spend without guilt. My current plan is Tony Bianco pumps (I get 30% as a birthday gift for being a VIP member) and a mimco wallet (yes, I know. Just because I need a proper wallet doesn't make it neccessary to spend $200+ on a wallet but I WANT one, you see?)

I'll be back soon! Friday if not before.

-m xx

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  1. I've never seen sunglasses like those before. I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but they're amazing. You'll have to post how they look on you. Looks like they'd be a nice fit.

    I remember when I used to owe my family money, I would pay them back with birthday money. How lame is that? :(