Friday, November 05, 2010

Smacked in the face by reality


My holiday officially ended on Thursday, after my return from Melbourne. Now, instead of living a life of spontaneity, cultural discovery (sort of) and shopping, I'm juggling job hunting, trying to make a decision about my studies, and an overwhelming temptation to abandon all of that and become a penniless drifter. But then, being penniless, I wouldn't have nice clothes. Or wine. So it's not really worth it at all.

So my regular travel update is a wee bit redundant now that I'm no longer travelling and this is no longer a travel blog. Not to mention, with my onslaught of blog posts in the last few days of my trip it's not really neccessary. Plus, I can't be bothered going to find my note book. So it is officially completed as of... NOW.

Welcome to my no-longer-travel-and-restored-to-previous-role-of-whatever-I-feel-like-posting-about-but-mostly-shoes blog. I hope it meets your expectations of non-travel related stuff. If you have any. I know I personally have missed it. I've also learned that schedules don't really work for me. I can't force myself to be in the right mind-frame for blogging and most of my Sunday updates were no where near as witty/amusing/entertaining/frivolous as they should have been. Now, this should return in full force!

In my first few days home I spent a lot of time with J. and caught up with some other friends over schnitzel, lemon lime and bitters and refusing to pay cover charges among other things. Getting dressed every day was a major challenge. I actually "had" to buy a new shirt just to have something to wear on Friday night. Poor me.

On Saturday I went down to Melbourne. On the train heading for the airport, I received a phone call. From whom, you wonder? The airport. Qantas to be more specific. They had my luggage and were hoping to deliver it. Well, they weren't willing to deliver it as far as the domestic terminal, but of course I was able to pay an extra $5 to get the train to the international terminal to pick it up. Bastards. So I had clothes! Unfortunately most of them were dirty so getting dressed didn't get much easier. The few days down south were spent mostly in stores, searching for my Melbourne Cup dress. The Tuesday of course was spent at Flemington, in a flurry of rain, horses, photos, yellowglen, mud and ruining my Mimco shoes. Oh no, I'll have to find a suitable replacement pair!

On the Wednesday we went to Hairspray at the Princess Theatre. It's incredible how much stage production has progressed with technology. I mean, when Tracy opened the curtains to her bedroom window in the opening number, Good Morning Baltimore, she merely made swiping motions on a PICTURE of a window on a COMPUTERISED SCREEN and the curtains swished open. Magnificent. Anyway, it was a really good show and I recommend it to anyone who's a fan. Even if you're not. You should be, it's awesome! Who doesn't like musicals about racial descrimination on TV in the 60s, a girl's struggle to fit in and budding romances between teens?

Unfortunately that night it was onto the plane and back to real life. For who knows how long? I'm looking at study options other than the obvious one of enrolling into the Fine Arts course I deferred last year. I mean, it seems like a bit of a waste of time to spend 3-4 years (more if I decide to take a break) studying full time, to get a degree that has some photography in it but a whole lot of other stuff I don't NEED, when I could just spend two years at TAFE and get a full diploma in photoimaging. Especially since I'm planning on doing some form of Fashion Business studies afetrwards, which could mean I'd spend 5 years studying if I went to uni. When I could spend one year doing my Certificate IV and then hopefully find some part time photography work while I do my Diploma. That and I can't remember my loging details for UNSW and nor can I find them anywhere and nor is there a "I forgot my usename" button (stupid.) so I can't enroll at this point, anyway.

Here, have a picture:

(please ignore the fuzz in the corner. It's someone's fascinator. Large lens in big crowds...)

All for now, some Europe and after photos coming soon I promise!

-m xx

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