Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh noes!

Something has happened to my layout. I don't know why. But they've changed the simple template or something. And my header is now skinnier than Rachel Zoe and not at all centred. I am annoyed. If anyone knows a css code to fix this, pleeeaaase tell me?

Anyway. I start my new job tomorrow, how exciting.

Last night I watched the first two Harry Potter movies. Something caught my eye in the first one, the scene when Harry receives his first letter. It wasn't 11 yr Old Daniel Radcliffe's bumfluff pre-puberty mo. I noticed that a bit later.
No, it was Dudley's Smeltings boater hat.

Want. Now.
I've been on the look out for good summer hats. mostly I've had my eye on straw trilbies, but I have noticed a bit of a theme with boaters in some stores. None had quite the same effect as young Dudley's here. So it's my new mission, to find a flat, wide boater. And with the hot summer sun and lack of ozone down under, they're practical too!

Mind you, a good classic straw trilby wouldn't go astray either.

-m xx

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