Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday was one month since I got home.
What have I done in those 31 days?

Gone to Mary's. 3 times.
Gone to the movies. Twice.
Gone to Melbourne for the first time in my discernable mermory.
Gone to a horse race for the first time EVAH
Painted my nails. 5 times.
Bought stuff. lots.
Turned 19.
Gotten a job.
Gotten paid.
Fucked up my tax form and had 24% witheld on my weekly pay.
Pretended to shoot things with my pistol ring. Countless times. Especially J and the phone at work.
Eaten Thai food. three times.
Bought shoes with skulls on them.
Replaced my stolen wallet.
Stroked things in mimco.
Rang Gucci Australia to offer them vodafone services.
Been asked by an American if we celebrate thanksgiving in Australia. Really?
Given the "...Really?" face to a stupid American
Realised that even if I was American I probably wouldn't celebrate it because I don't like turkey or slaughtering indigenous peoples.
Drank Australian Shiraz. Many times.
Snapped about the misuse of the word "ironic" in a Shane Dawson video
Researched irony on wikipedia.
Considered buyiong Alanis Morrisset a dictionary.
Watched Top Model.
Counted down for Gossip Girl to start.
Seen Hairspray.
Walked. A lot.
Slept in my own bed.
Gotten a proper tan. Not that temporary European shit.\
Realised life would be a lot more awesome if the Eastern half of Australia was acutally part of Europe.
Inhaled a fair amount of bush fire smoke

So I've run out of stuff. It's hot, humid and there a bush fires somewhere. I love the smell but it just makes me tired breathing in smoke all day. I've got my first gig in God knows how long tonight. Not a Ramshackle one, they're currently devoid of a drummer. J's brothers band, Marlow. Me and Derek are quite excited.

I went shopping yesterday. Like a proper shop instead of the sporadic purchases I've made so far. I'm quite excited because I've finally added some khaki into my wardrobe, in the form of a chiffon maxi skirt, shamefully bought from Sluthut (Supre) and a badass army chick drapey vest thing with ZIPPERS! I've realised though that I need some nude staples as all of my outfits are black and colour based. I'm lusting after beiges, dusty pinks and soft coffee tones. That's my next mission.

All for now
-m xx

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love your nickname for Supre, and it FINALLY pinned down the exact reason why I've always felt this unexplainable uncomfortableness during the entire two times I've been there. It's like baby prostitute central! But I'm relieved to know that it's not completely hopeless -- ie. it actually sells things that a non-prepubescent-streetwalker would wear. One day I'll go in there again and get over my irrational fear/disgust. :D

    /my epiphany of the day