Friday, November 12, 2010

Corporate World

So I started getting a little bit desparate for a job the other day. After a whole week (ooh so long) of applying for fashion retail jobs and hearing nothing, I gave up a little bit. I applied for some call centres.

I wanted to avoid going back to sales but nothing wa sbiting and I'm getting poorer by the second. I borrowed $10 off my mum yesterday. $10! I'm so broke that having $10 is a relief!
Anyway, as things often happen, I applied for the call centres on Thursday, and got a call 8am the next mornbing- not asking me to come in for an interview, oh no. Asking me to start monday. I went in that afternoon to sign everything and give my pay details and I'll soon be working 9-5, what a way to make a living.

The best bit is, I finish at 1pm on Fridays for some reason. Party! AND it's in Chatswood, so Thursday nights will be shopping time :) I may have to stop using the word "chat" for fear of offending the locals, I'm not sure if that word exists there.

I think J is feeling ignored. He just put his hands over my ears, but I heard him whisper "i hate you," despite his denials. Strange lad.

With money on the way, I'm finally feeling the joy of Summer (not that it even is Summer, but Spring is just Summer with more rain anyway...) And it's my birthday in a week, which means presents and moneyz and foods.

-m xx

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