Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's that time of year again

Top model favourite picking!
This year has been tougher, my favourite from the first episode, based on looks, turned out to be a mad psycho bitch liar who never turned out that spectacular shot that I'd foreseen of her. And she was raised in a cult. And had a shaved head so her makeover consisted of them bleaching her eyebrows. (Oh Tyra, you so predictable)


She had so much potential, but she only dissappointed me...

So, on to my updated favourite. I was first drawn to her because of her eyebrows. Then they darkened her hair, and Tyra didn't do a thing to her brows because they were "perfect" (my family think we're both crazy but I guess me and Tyra know where it's at?) Then, she got in front of the camera. And she's AHmazing.


I. Can't. Look. Away.

Also performing well is Alasia. But I just can't love her, despite her turning out some of the best photos so far. She's just too much of a crazy bitch. Always having the last word and all that.

Also, cannot wait till the 30th, when Gossip Girl s4 hits Aussia TV screens. Tuesday nights will be restored to their summer glory- ANTM and GG in one night? Oh Fox 8 I love you.
-m xx
p.s. I'm 19. I got a Pandora and some other cool shit. Can't wait to spend my moneyz

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