Monday, December 13, 2010

Khaki and Leopard.

ZOMG could it be? is it? No really? an...

Outfit post?

Khaki Chiffon maxi skirt- Supre (yes. I know.)
Leopard print Dress, worn as bodice- Cotton On
Belt- Dorothy Perkins
Camera Necklace- Sportsgirl
World's most awesome shoes- Yaliana.

So I bought this skirt a few weeks ago. I love it. It is possibly the most awesome thing I own. It also comes in other colours- cream, black, and the less chic and more classically supre colours like bright yellow and pink (yes, really). On Sunday I decided I wanted to wear it. It was hanging on the back of a chair in my dining room (pictured above, rarely used for dining). It was surrounded by other clothes of mine, recently resurfaced from the washing machine. My mother has given up on placing them on my bed for me, for fear of tripping on any of the things generally strewn across my floor and breaking her neck. Now, draped casually over the skirt, was my leopard print dress.
I wasn't sure if it would work, because the skirt of the dress does puff out a bit, but seeing the two together made me think they would look great together ON ME. I was very happy to see that the dress could be worn as a top without betraying its true identity to the outside world. And thus, an outfit was born. It kind of reminds me of Clueless, and one of Amber's many crazy outfits. In particular the one that looks like she walked through a jungle, during a war, in a strong wind and came out covered in leopard fur and soldiers clothing. Unfortunately I've searched for a still of it and nothing doing.
Now these shoes are possibly the most badass things I own. I love the irony in them- cute girly ballet flats with a bigass skull smacked onto them. Love it. They have a heaviness to them which is really satisfying- so that you can't forget that you've got skulls on your feet. And they are super comfy!
I don't really have plans for today (or any other) past posting this blog. And of course, the demise of my job coincides with the first empty weekend since I got back. I'm not kidding. every weekend has been packed, I've barely had any time to just chill and now? My house is chill town and I'm the disgruntled mayor. Good thing I'm rereading all of my Marian Keyes books at the moment. Losing myself in them and then finding ways to add Irish affectations into my every day jargon should keep me occupied. Seriously though, I said "so" at the END of a sentence the other day. Like, instead of "then." Mortified.
Ok to those who DON'T read Irish chick-lit that may not have made sense. So Irish people do this (grammatically incorrect, yet infectious) thing where they say "so" instead of "then." kind of like how Aussie teenagers like to come across as completely uneducated by saying "but" at the end of a sentence when there's a perfectly good word, known as "though," which is intended to be used in the embarrassing situation when you forget to say "but" before the rest of the sentence. Anyway, let me provide an example
Example 1: Australian conversation
Aussie 1: Oh I drove to the bbq today.
Aussie 2: Oh great, you can drive me home, then. I live down the road from you.
Example 2: Irish conversation
Mick 1: I drove to the pub today. I've only had a coupla pints.
Mick 2: Grand! You can drive me home, so.
(notice lack of "I live down the road from you" because Ireland is quite small, and there are pubs everywhere, so if you're at the same one, you probably live in the same building)
See? Doesn't make sense. It used to irritate me no end, but now I find it kind of... charming. Next I'll be saying things like "fair play to you" and "yoke" and "yer man over there" and "feck."
I'll feck off with myself, so
-m xx
P.s. If any Irish people read this and are, for some reason, offended- I do apologise. Me grandmammy's pa is as Irish as... Guinness and Waterford crystal combined. I have freckles and I LOVE potatoes. It's ok.

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  1. I'm Irish and I'm offended. Okay, I lie because you seem to know way more about the Irish roots than I do. That is to say I'm part Irish and I don't really know too much about Irish culture other than the corned beef and leprechauns. It's a shame, I couldn't tell ya shit about my family tree... other than the famous lawmen Wyatt Earp is somewhere on it. :P