Monday, December 20, 2010


OK, so I have a wee tendency to get a bit obsessive over completely insignificant things sometimes. The best example of this is my nails. I paint them. Every single Monday. Even whilst travelling around Europe, my weekly DIY manicures rarely went off track. I haven't left the house with unpainted nails in who knows how long.

Because of this, I have a serious impulse purchase weakness for nailpolish. I mean, I'm even one of those slightly odd people who pay attention to nail colour trends, and am always on the lookout for something new and unique (example: OPIs "shatter." Black top coat that shrinks as it dries to create a shattered effect- I NEED this in my life, I HAVE to find it. Coolest.)

I mean, just today I bought two nailpolishes while I was supposed to be Christmas shopping. Yellow, which I've been meaning to buy for aaaaaaaaages (trend. see?) and a shimmery white colour, because a) glittery nail polish is (apparently) acceptable again and b) NYE is around the corner and if you can't wear glitter on NYE, when can you?

Honestly, I think if I removed my nail polish and didn't repaint the that same evening my world might just implode. Sometimes, I plan the next colour I'll use days ahead. That said, because I paint them weekly, as opposed to when I randomly feel like it, I never match them to my outfits. I actually cry a little inside if my nails are the same colour as something I'm wearing. It unsettles me. Throws off my day and can ruin my enjoyment of my outfit. Yupp, I'm a freak.

Now I've got that off my chest... I got a New Job! So I got let go last Monday, half-heartedly applied for a couple of things on Tuesday, that same day got called in for an interview on Wednesday and got the job on Thursday. Yes, it happens that fast. Anyway so it's a telemarketing role for Starshots (glamour photography studio chain) whereby I make bookings for them. This was one of my roles at You Studios, the place I worked before going overseas so it'll be easy to pick up. I start in Jan and actually have a photoshoot as part of my training. And no, I'm not just observing- I'm the model. I was so shocked today when I found that out. And of course, tehey won't know I'm the telemarketer, so I can get the same experience as any other customer and all that crap. I'm kind of excited but also super nervous because I feel pretty awkward on the other side of the camera.

It's only a part time role, probably only about 15hours a week, but they're hoping that it will be quite long term. And since I'll be studying photography, I may be able to move on from telesales and into a photography role after some time. Exciting stuff indeed.

So that's the real reason for posting, but I needed to get the nailpolish thing off my chest. And as a special treat, I'll be telling you all what colour my nails are every week (yay!).

This week: mushroom. I love it, it goes with basically everything without actually being mathcy matchy. If you're nail kit is lacking mushroom polish (grey/brown, often with purple undertones) GO BUY SOME RIGHT NOW. It may possibly change your life.

-m xx

UPDATE: So yesterday evening,w hile at a freind's place waxing another friend's chest (no, not kidding. It took about 3 hours) a THIRD friend (oh gosh I have so many) remarked on my nailpolish. My mushroom nailpolish.
Sounding rather skeptical, he quipped "your nails are... brown..."
To which I of course replied that they weren't "brown" and were in fact "mushroom." "Duh."

And they're now coated in a strange mix of wax and talcum powder.


  1. I think I can do without the mushroom personally, but hey congrats on getting a new job so fast around Christmas. Now follow my blog, don't be mean I follow yours. :(