Thursday, December 30, 2010

'Tis the season

As far as Christmas goes, this year was fair decent. Pimm's and lemonade, cheap bubbly made classy with gold, a hell of a lot of gravy, home made apple pie, potato bake, and eating way too much. Christmas used to involve celebrations with my dad's side of the family. But since they're all strewn around NSW and Queensland and generally suffer from laziness and no doubt and unwillingness to see each other, I haven't been subjected to the big Brown gathering for a number of years. That, coupled with the fact that I can drink as much as I like now, means Christmas has improved the last couple of years.

I did visit my paternal Grandmother this year though. Something I don't do very often (because it's unbearable, basically. Torture) and recently she was placed in a nursing home due to problems with her heart. Wasn't a very cheerful place to be at Christmas time, with all the old people hobbling around muttering, but I now know what an adult diaper looks like! (not my Nan's. Thank god.) Let's hope I don't wake up one day, age 80 and realise my grandchildren, and some of my children, can't stand to be around me.

If you can't have goldflakes in your champagne at Christmas, when can you?

On a cheerier note, NYE today! I'm fairly excited. Just heading to a house party in the Eastern suburbs, near Coogee beach. Last night we found out it's been declared an (optional) toga party at the last minute. I already have a dress which I purchased especially, and am rather fond of, but am slightly dissapointed at not wearing a toga. If I'd knownb a few weeks ago, I would have been on that. I would have made it my mission to style that toga to the point of maximum awesomeness. But I have many years ahead of me and I'm sure there's another toga party somewhere in the future.

How long does a candle last?
About a wick!

This week, my nails are a pale pearlescent pink, with white glitter top coat- glitter and NYE just work! I'm hoping to get a tonne of photos tonight, once I find my camera that is. I think it might be at my other house... I'm trying to decide whether taking my SLR is a good idea. I don't want it getting broken/sticky/stolen/lost. We'll see.

See you next year!

-m xx

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