Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not again...

I am jobless. Again. Not happy Jan.

Seriously though, I went into work today, feeling like I might have been sleeping with my eyes. Getting out of bed had been a challenge, I never sleep well on Sunday nights. Possibly because I still haven't gotten myself re-accustomed to sharing my bed with a cuddly, warm, occassionally snoring boy after 3months of single beds, and every time he moves I wake up, but most likely simply because it's Sunday and the knowledge that I have to wake up at 6am and go to work for the next 5 days and I really SHOULD get a good night's sleep for once, frightening the sleep out of me. Damn contrary brain.

Despite a general attitude of sleepiness and apathy, I managed to get two appointments before 12pm today. I was feeling pretty awesome. I could be lazy and barely work for the rest of the day and it wouldn't matter. OR I could try and reach the mystical number of magic and joy: 3. But, as it were, at 12:30pm we had an unusually-timed meeting.

I even commented with excitement on its unusual timing. The others in the room laughed nervously and looked grim. Apparently, on Friday, a day I'd skived off work to ensure there was enough time for lining up outside the Acer arena to get a good spot for Muse (only to almost pass out, but more on that later) we'd received word that Vodafone had cut their telesales budget, leaving nothing left for the Bizfone team. Bastards. So our wee 5-person team were all let go. Which explained why everyone looked like someone had died when I went into work this morning.

So I now have no job. Again. Which doesn't suck too much because I would have had my three-week christmas break pretty soon anyway so I'm not missing out on much pay in the end. But it's not really the best time to job hunt. I've noticed a few clothing shops in Chatswood are hiring, so I may do some trawling this week.

So, because I don't like the negative turn this blog has taken of late, here are some pictures. Happy ones.

Also as you may have noticed from the last photo, I went for a new hair colour. Less red. I was getting sick of the weird pinky browny colour it fades to.

Oh and yes, that is a hollowed out dildo being drunk out of.

all for now, but I'll be back soon, since I have no life now.

-m xx

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