Friday, July 02, 2010


Ok so I'm pretty grumpy today

Firstly, my final pay from my last job was due a week ago. I was told it would come in today, a week late, and it didn't. When I asked my old boss about it, he claimed not to know why and said he was emailing the pay people. Bull to the shit. Looks like I might have to be one of those annoying people who go to the deparment of fair trading soon.

Which brings me to the next shitty thing that happened today. Abusive customer threatening to do just that- go to fair trade. Now, at my work, we get these forms that people fill in for the chance to get a free shoot and portraits to the value of $1500. now, one person really does get this prize, but we also call up a random selection of leads and invite them to come in for a free shoot with $100 off any order (the photos start at like $300 btw). Unfortunately, sometimes people get the impression theyve won the grand prize, even though they havent been told that. I can see how they'd assume but anyway, I was doing a style call the other day and the man asked about prices. I outlined everything to him, he said hed get back to me the next day. I didn't hear from him and there was no note of him calling or cancelling in his file. So i rang him today. Turns out he rang yesterday and cancelled and had a bit of a rant about misleading advertising and blah blah but because no body took note or bothered to cancel the booking, I had to cop it. Then he got mad at me, because he had to ask to get pricing information. I'm sorry, but it is not MY fault we don't have a price list automatically sent out. And no one ever told him he won the prize, it's not our fault he chose to take "as a bit of a thankyou for filling out the form" as "OMG YOU WON CONGRATULATIONS HERE HAVE LOTS OF FREE SHIT!!!" Anyway, the conversation wasnt going anywhere, eventually I just had to say "look, I can see this isnt going to go anywhere so I'm gunna let you go. Have a good one" and hung up. Some people are just douche bags, and that's the nature of sales I guess.

So, that brings me to how I cheered up: 1. I bought mimco shoes last night. for... wait for it... $80. they're $300 full priced and they were $180 on sale but the girl in the shop misread the price and accidentally charged me $80. Normally I'd say something. I always hand in found wallets and tell people if they give me too much change- I value that i'm an honest person, i think it creatwes good karma. So I figured this was just good karma. I feel pretty bad but if id gone back it would have just gotten the girl in trouble so... I'm sure you don't need me to describe my love of them. I will get pictures up soon so you can all amaze at their beauty- they make me want to cry. Honestly. For those of you who had a pet dog as a child- remember getting that dog? Most likely after a long battle of wills with your parents. you don't want to go to school, and when you do, you spend the whole day waiting to get home and play with the dog. That was me today with my shoes. It was EXACTLY the same feeling as when we got my dog, Rocky (he's awesome. He knows when I'm sad and stays close to me) Just replace school with work and Rocky with mimco shoes and there you go.

2. This video. Seriously, for those who don't watch Shane dawson- start. He's so talented and funny, and genuinely seems like a really good person. His videos=happiness. I'm not going to let all the shit that affected me today keep affecting me. I'm just going to relax, watch princess diaries 2, drink my wine (given.) and forget about it. The shoes don't hurt either, I'd be a lot more upset if i didn't have them.

- m xx

p.s. at work, we have a daily word that we have to try and work into the conversation as much as possible. Today, it was "tropical fish". It makes the time go faster.

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