Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So, over the next week or so, I'll be combing through my old posts. Basically since I'm leaving the country in 2 weeks (to the day! excitement!.../stress) I figured I'd release my blog link into the wide scary world of the known (i.e. friends and possibly relatives). This means I need to make sure my blog is safe for the eyes of people who have actually uh... met me. So sections of some posts/entire posts may mysteriously disapear, just so you know.

Also, lots of photos will be magically appearing in coming posts, got a few things coming up, including, but not limited to: a nightmare/asylum themed 20th (gold mine for photos), a Ramshackle gig and my own going away do. And I'm planning on planning rough post schedules for my trip, just to make sure I update regularly. I made have to keep the photos to a weekly post, just a selection of the best perhaps? Hoping to snap some Euro-street style to keep the fashblog pack happy.

Plus ohmyeffinggee guess what's happening in Paris right now? Gossip Girl season 4 filming. Surely that will go for a few weeks at least? May be able to bask in the distant glory of Leighton Meester's elbow or something through a brimming crowd! And in the mean time, I can make up stories in my head involving running into her in a cafe/bar/shoe store etc. and somehow charming her with my Australian accent and stylish though inexpensive outfit, resulting in us becoming firm friends (Ha.)

No photos today, cameras at my other house. Oh btw, my father is currently in the country so I'm back to the human ping pong ball existence. I forgot how not fun it was! Seriously, it was hard enough in school carrying my books back and forth- not such a big deal if you forget one, really. But now I have to get dressed in the morning without access to my entire wardrobe! So limiting...

However, I do have a picture of my newest ring (courtesy of GPco)


- m xx

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