Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Snaps

Firstly, did a promo shoot with the boys on Sunday. check out the best of the pics on my photography blog.
Secondly, here are the promised not-Ramshackle photos!
I should mention that Cody (the coolpix) is proving himself to be a wise investment, the night time shots are good, which was my main goal. win.

Happy J.
During the Ramshackle shoot. Me and Lopez, official photo editor/myspace guy.

Poker gets boring 3 rounds in...

12:08am, Sunday morning. The boys put on "Easy" by Faith No More.

Me and Maddy. The dress I'm wearing is amazing. Stripey, low back, 3/4 length sleaves, warm (ish) and it cost $3!! I love you, Rozelle Markets.


Me and Bottom Sarah

Hannah and J

I like this. Perhaps just because it shows off one of my newer nailpolishes ("Label Queen" by Chi Chi, $10)

Josh. He's our fashion baby.

Top Sarah, Alex, Emily and Myself.

Bottom Sarah and Alex.
And Sarah's ah-mazing studded suede ankle boots.
In other news, 4 weeks till I leave for Europe! Pretty excited/stressed/nervous/impatient/not ready.
-m xx

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