Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Paris Accomodation.
Well the first 7 nights anyway. Yay for not sleeping on the streets, but in a 6 bed dorm in Montmartre! 5 new friends!
So it is now a short week till I leave. I'm getting excited, now that I've worked out where I'll be snoozing away, it finally seems real. Scarily, unavoidably real.
Transferred the remainder of my life savings over to my regular account ready to then go over to my sister for my TravelX cards. Thank god for my tax return and donations from mother! Or I'd be in a spot of trouble money wise ahaha. One week in a dorm in the dodgy part of Paris is costing me about $350! And, what with my wee shopping problem, saving money hasn't gone as well as I thought.
Tomorrow is my last day at work, should be fun. It's hard to be patient on the phone when you know you're leaving let me tell you. Especially when people tell you off for trying to call too many times- I'm sorry, it's what I get paid to do! If you picked up your phone or texted me and told me not to call you, we wouldn't have this problem would we?
Still have a lot to do, but I'm fairly confident all is going well. As long as I don't get robbed/murdered/sold/auctioned off to people who plan on brutally torturing me it's all good!
A few more posts on their way before I head off no doubt, so I'm neglecting the images today. Deal with it.

-m xx

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