Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bon Voyage!

(I must stop saying that...)
Off to Paris in about 4hours. Don't have enough time to post the photos that are lined up waiting but what's to come: my farewell and RS's last Lewisham gig (to go to my photo blog of course)
But that said, I felt it neccessary to do a "well I'm off... blah" post anyway. so... I'm off!
Last night was spent with James travelling around a fabulous 100m area in The Rocks- The Argyle where we purchased embarrasingly pink fruity cocktails, Zia Pinas where we ate our weight in delicious pasta, Das Lowenbrau Keller where we fought our way to the lower bar fro schnapps and I entertained james by reading the menu and telling him what everything was and The Guylian cafe, where we embarrassed ourselves in front of Belgians.
Today has so far been a flurry of stress and last minute packing (Seriously, I packed this morning, and almost lost my cash passports). But It's all done, and I haven't noticably forgotten anything that can't be purchased! So I'm set to go.
Cya in a couple of days when I land and find wifi!
Hope my plane doesnt catch fire/crash/drop 200m/mysteriously disapear.

Au Revoir
-m xx

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