Monday, July 19, 2010


So, had Jared's 20th this weekend. Nightmare/Asylum theme, basically to fit in with the "performance" by mysterious band of unknown origin- Dance Metal.

Before leaving the house
Hint: I didn't dress up. I got home from work, emptied a can of hairspray on my head, threw on some red lipstick and swapped my ballet flats for a (slightly mouldy from being at the back of my wardrobe for god knows how long) pair of Doc Martens.

Yes, these are girls gloves. And a girls jacket. Which, shamefully, I bought at a thrift store in Newtown about 4 years ago and thankfully never wore.

The Shacklettes are a classy quartet.

Seizure-inducing strobes.

To quote Carrie Bradshaw "there's nothing scarier than a clown"

Chilling with Death, drinking a beer.
On another note, photos of Ramshackle's most recent gig (and the last i'll be present for for the next 3 or 4 months) will be up in a jiffy! Then things are soon to take an exciting turn indeed as I leave the country in 9 days! Hoorah! The concept that I won't be working for such a time is exciting enough. Still have some blog prep to do in lieu of disembarking, then it's full steam ahead. So much to get done in real life as well- I need to make a few lists; what to buy, what to book, what to pack... but amazingly I'm managing to stay calm.
See? perfectly calm. At least on the surface... mostly.
Quietly pulling out my hair
-m xx

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