Monday, June 07, 2010


Me and J. got tix. Almost missed out actually, the standing zone sold out in like 30min and we didn't manage to get into the transaction page at all. We decided not to go for seats, as we were 98% certain a second show would be announced, which I personally thought would have a day or so warning before they went on sale. Surprisingly, the second show went on sale just 45min after the first one, and it was lucky my sister happened to be browsing ticketek or we would have done what everyone else did and logged out. Got into the transaction page straight away- Win!

And here's a couple of pictures I dig:

Can't wait to see SATC2 now that it's out. I even have an outfit in mind, which is both bogus and sad. I need a new pair of shoes though, to do Carrie justice.
Also, I'm heading to the snow in less than two weeks. I'm pretty excited, it's just for a few days but I might buy a compact camera before I go so I can get some photos on the sloooopes. I need one anyway so why not now?
p.s: sorry for being one of those "we" people in this post. Eurgh.

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