Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Snow and Debauchery

So, I survived!
And you'll probably be disapointed by the lack of debauchery in this post, but I like the word.
I can reveal that we succeeded in making a time machine, but it only goes up.
Also, ski goggles are apparently a lot more useful as Nerf dart shields than anything else.
There may be more photos up later, for some reason when I rotate the vertical ones, they un-rotate once uploaded here. That and if I get my hands on some of the photos on other cameras I'll be bound to find some wee gems to share.
So I should be doing another promo shoot for Ramshackle this weekend (I know, you're sick of their faces, so am I) depending on weather of course. Hoping it goes spectacularly. And you'll be seeing some fresh faces soon now that I've got a camera I can take anywhere, got a few shindigs and such coming up with people other than the Shackle! What an exciting life I lead.

Anyway, here's what you really want, the rest of the photos:

Falling over to find a particularly lovely view.

The Happy Couple

Tony has the best smile. Seriously.

Unfortunately the best photos were mostly portrait. I'll try and fix that issue and get them up.
-m xx

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