Monday, May 31, 2010

Ok so

Haven't stopped by in a while. Been pretty busy, a few things to update the world with:

1. I have a new job, it's awesome. I'm a "stylist" at YOU Studios Photography, Rozelle. But before you get too excited a stylist isn't what you think it is. Basically I make phone calls to people a week or two before their bookings and run them through "style tips" for the day. It's pretty much a sales related role, my job is to keep the numbers of people actually showing up as high as possible. Then on the day before I do confirmation calls as well, which is pretty stressful on the weekends as we're always over booked and I have to shuffle people and pray enough of them reschedule. Fun though, plus I now get paid by the hour which is awesome!

2. Having money, I finally did a winter shop today. Got these awesome jeans from Just Jeans, called second skins, and they really are a second skin! Thin denim, super stretchy and tight. If it weren't for the button, I'd feel naked! I also, (finally) got a trench coat. I got it at Valley Girl (a place I normally avoid... I mean, it's like they pride themselves on being a wee bit cheap and trashy. Valley Girl? Who came up with that name, really? It's an insult, not the ideal name for a clothing store!) after my mother told me her friend got a nice one there (ok that sounded less lame in my head.) and it's nice and satiny and the perfect colour and has a slight puffiness to the shoulders that is oh-so-Burberry. Unfortunately it's tie-up not belted, but I'll get a good belt to team it with. Also got a gorgeous fluffy leopard print beret, (like the GPco one i featured in a previous post, except I haven't been able to find it so I got a similar one at Sports Girl) polka-dot stockings, ankle boots and some nice nail polish. I love having money...

3. New Ramshackle photos. I really need some other things to shoot... But considering I'd had a Bulmers and a double-strength Long Island Ice Tea (long story) I did pretty well. I put a few up on mbp-

Ok so that's the major updating done. Which brings me to a story which lead to an issue. So I was on the bus the other day, and this boy (I think about 17 or so) was clearly in the dark about where he was going. I could hear bits of his phone conversation, enough to know he needed to get off at BWS Gladesville (spoiler, now you know my general area. ZOMG don't murder me). I was planning to tip him off a stop before but since i was on the phone to my sister and she demands my full attention I forgot.

Of course he didn't see BWS (weird, I must have a radar for them. I can't imagine not seeing one) and happened to ask me just before Ryde aquatic centre (about a km too far) I gave him a general idea of how far he'd gone and he got off the bus at the next stop. As he walked passed me, he handed me a piece of paper. I know you're reading this and thinking "Oh here we go," exactly as I was as I reluctantly reached for it. But When I unfolded it I was shocked. No. Phone. Number. The note read as follows: "Facebook :) Add me on fb" followed by his name. First, confusion, then I actually giggled out loud on a packed 501.

But seriosuly, is this what we're doing now? It raises a good discussion I feel. I mean, It sure does take the pressure off. "Add me on facebook" can mean a variety of things; "You seem nice/interesting," "I want more online friends because I have a void to fill in my real life" "I want to casually check if you have a boyfriend without having to ask" "I want steal your photos and photoshop your face onto Angelina's body," etc. etc. Unlike a phone number, which seems to only mean "I'm planning on using this to ask you to meet me with romantic/sexual pretences." But with all the negative hype facebook is getting lately, I'm surprised people would try this? I mean, what if I were to, Oh I don't know, let's say, add him, miraculously lose a few million brain cells and agree to meet him alone, in a dark isolated place and get myself murdered, hmm? Something to consider before i do anything reckless like add a stranger on facebook. Better check my privacy setting to make sure he can't find out my email adress BEFORE I agree to go camping with him.

But seriously, it made me think (clearly). Anyway, a few days later, I was like "why not, let's find this guy, check his info and lurk his photos and then maybe add him. If he turns out to be a freak I can delete him" (a definite advantage of facebook verses phone number). But guess what, I couldn't find him.

-m xx

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  1. Congrats on the job. Sounds really interesting