Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Just a quick one

No, the title is not about after-work drinks. And (unlike after work drinks- we know how they end up) this really will be a quick one I swear!

Firstly, I'm, watching Sunrise (I live the high life) and currently they're discussing this couple in the UK who are taking a "mini break" whereby the husband spends 3 nights a week living with his daughter instead of at home with his wife. Ok, so this may seem like a good way to fix a relationship and get the space you need before things fall apart, but to me, marriage or living with someone, is NOT 3 days a week. What is this, shared custody between wife and daughter? but seriously, I can see how it would "solve" some problems (read "paper over the cracks and delay the inevitable) but if you're married, and only spending half of your time together, by choice, you shouldn't be married. It's an all or nothing kind of deal, and frankly if and when I take the plunge (not marriage, I don't believe in it but that's another story) I'm not going to be settling for a man who says "Ok, let's live together. 4 days a week. I need my space from you." Ah... No thanks I may as well get a cat.

Ok, that done- I'm planning on getting a new compact camera in the next week, ready for ski trip (mentioned in previous post). I'm wondering what people would recommend? i don't want to spend a huge amount, since i already have Derek, and plan to save up for a friend for him next year. So something around the $200-300 mark. I was thinking of just getting a Nikon Coolpix, but i wanted to see if anyone knows of any really good, reasonably priced compacts. I also like the look of that one with a screen on the front, as we all no there's no point of a compact if you can't take photos of yourself! I want pretty good quality photos, as it's going to be my Derek replacement for drunken nights and those photos are bad enough as it is without noise. Also, ISO is pretty important to me because I don't use flash if I can avoid it. So, if you have an opinion, I'd like to hear it!

And one more thing: The other day, on my bus heading to work, I saw a man yawn while driving a fluoro orange Lotus. I wonder what it take to bring excitement into his life, hmm? Something to ponder.

m xx

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