Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How so Halso?

So I was totally inspired by spying one of his photos in a blog I follow ( -have a look see) and thought I might revisit the work of Ilkka Halso. I discovered him early year 12, upon the advisory of my art teacher, as she thought he'd make a good "artist of obsession" for my process diary (hate that term, basically it means an artist that somehow inspires us. All a load of bullshit because he had absolutely nothing to do with my concepts or practice so...)

Anyway, so here is some of his amazing stuff:

Very similar to the one posted by Brooke

As you can see, he's mostly environmental and very into photo manipulation. But he actually does build some of the structures in his photos- They take ages! Now that's dedication to a cause.
Tonight is the Marlow/Corpus gig at The Bull and Bush in Baulkham Hills. So new, exciting photos of different people will be up soon! Lovely!
Still hunting for a job, unsuccessfully. Haven't heard anything from last weeks resume thieves but oh well. Something will happen soon I'm sure (I hope or bye bye Europe. And I have to book it soon so it'll be bye bye deposit on flights. I guess I could just go UK and Oktoberfest and maybe tack a bit of Germany on the end...)
Exciting news! 1. I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. And I mean cut. I'm saying bye to my hair and hello to a new, Ruby Rose-esque do (not the blonde, just the cut). 2. I'm going on a snow trip with the RS crew in June. I'm not going to take Derek (the D90- I finally named him) but I should have a compact by then so I'll still be able to get some OK photos. I'm pretty excited.
Ok I just scrolled to higlight everything and a Spanish translation of my entire post appeared in a little box. Odd...
All for now.

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