Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ramshackle Photoshoot 27/12/09

Been a busy few weeks what with Christmas and New Years and all in between, so I apologize for not posting for a while. Hope you all enjoyed Christmas and had fun bringing in the New Year! Did you get your midnight kisses?
Can't wait till next year when I'll be spending NYE watching the ball drop in Times Square. Well, here's hoping. I really need more income so I can increase my travelling funds. And I have to start booking Europe soon! So stressful already and I'm not going for 7 or 8 months.

I've started various modification projects, so I'll get photos of them up when (if) I am done. It takes me a while to do these sorts of things because I've never really learnt to sew so I kind of guess a lot. That and having the attention span of a gnat makes it difficult to stay interested. But slowly, surely, I plan to get them done!
To more exciting news, I did a photo shoot for Ramshackle on the 27th of December. It took about 5 hours of my time, but we did get some good shots. (Not 5 hours worth, mind. The boys enjoyed goofing off and as it was the first time they'd done this kind of thing, their modelling skills aren't exactly stellar).
Their Lewisham gig is coming up, Saturday the 9th and I'm pretty excited to try and get some actual paying clients while I'm there. J's brother, Travis from Marlow asked me to take photos at their upcoming gig which is pretty cool. All experience is good experience that will some day lead to paid experience. I hope. I am discovering that the field of music photography seems a lot easier to get into than fashion photography. And it's a great starting point if i can do more portrait style shoots.
Also, Dad just bought a portable photo printer, so if people are interested I'll soon be able to sell small prints on the spot. I'm thinking I'll start at like $2.50 a print (they're on 2"x3" and who am I to exploit people?) and drop the prices for bulk purchases. Like 10 prints for $20 and so on. But then again, people might not want to buy such small prints when they could book me for a gig and get a whole CD that they can then print at whatever size they want! I'm going to go buy blank CDs/DVDs today and save all my photos on to them, to make sure I have external back up. Then I'll be able to use them for selling as well.
Anyway, here are some of my best shots from the 27th. To see the rest head to photobucket.

Test shots- Jared
love it.

Location one, West Ryde

Location 3- Gladesville Hospital Tunnel

J. relaxing in between shots

Andy. Despite the exposure being way out I like it.

Candid photos during the planning stages.



I have more to come. My net keeps crashing so I'll do them in another post.
Happy 2010 everyone!

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