Thursday, January 14, 2010

Facebook photo upload won't work!

It's a tragedy, for sure.
But here is a sample of my latest Ramshackle shoot (more bands will come eventually, I promise. I know you're bored of RS)
OK. So they won't upload here either which is incredibly worrying, especially since I already cleared them off my memory card so if they corrupted somehow during upload there's nothing I can do. Eeeek!
Ok so I just tried a photo from a completely different camera and it didn't work either, so my computer must be spazzing. I'll try again at Dad's soon.
And coming in future blogs: Ramshackle shirts and my ever-growing scarf collection. Really, how many inventive ways of wearing scarves can I think of, since I have a fair amount.
Oh! and I made a fan page for myself on facebook. Melanie Brown Photography- go forth!

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