Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Marlow/Corpus photos from the 29th at the Bull and Bush.
And a new job. Which I am both excited about and dreading.
And new hair. Which is good all round

Firstly, the job. I am about to become a door-door sales "guru" for Integral Energy. The job actually sounds like it could be fun and I don't start till 12pm which means I can sleep in. But, unfortunately, I don't finish till like 7:30-8pm which makes going out very difficult unless I take my oh-so-chic work satchel with me. Therefore- I have no reason to sleep in! Also, it's 6 days a week. But I'm hoping I can negotiate it down to 5 or even 4, because i'll be getting payed entirely commission and bonuses so it'll only be a negative to myself.

And that brings me to the bit that makes it all (hopefully...) worht it: The pay. Or should I say THE Pay!!!

$25 per sale, and set bonuses for certain ammounts of sales in a week. $150 bonus for 15 sales, $250 bonus for 25 sales and so on. So basically, If I make 15 sales in a week (2.5 per day average) I get $525. And if I make 25 sales, (4 on average) I get $875. Now, $875 sure makes 40 hours of work worth it. I will have no life, so almost all of that money will go to Europe funds and clothing that I'll never have time to wear.

So, because I took photos of my interview outfit before I left the house, here it is: (+see my new hair)

Shirt; $19.95, Belt; $12.95 and Necklace; $6.95, all from Temt
Skirt; $32.95, from Forcast

Shoes; $115 from Betts

They're half a size too big so I glued elastic on, to keep them strapped to my feet. Unfortunately, I was a little too frantic with putting my shoes on outside the office before my interview today and one snapped. So I had to rip them off and put up with my shoes almost falling off.

Close-up of my belt- Ain't it pretty?

Close up of necklace plus shirt ruffles.

Me and my new "do"
(Posey McPosePose)

Half of my face, and my lippity lip piercing.

And now, for the Bull and Bush pic-a-tures.

Corpus. I like it because the crowds in focus, not the band.

Travis (J's Brother)

Blake. I love this one. The sillhouette effect.

Hey Jim Morrisson, didn't you die?

For the rest of this shoot, and my other photos, go to my spizz:
So, that's it. If you don't hear from me much after next week, it's because i'm too busy making commission...

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