Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shacklers at Lewisham livehouse, January 9th

OK so photobucket so isn't working for me... I made a flickr, but unfortunately that has a monthly upload limit of 100MB, which really isn't much. So I'm either gunna have to downsize my photos to the extreme or pay for the pro account. So for now, it has no photos.
Also, I made a fan page for my photos on facebook ("which I'll admit, is both bogus and sad"- Wayne Campbell) but I figure once I get a few fans going, their friends will notice and I might find some bands who are actually willing to pay me! Maybe... Anyway, I have 92 fans so far so I'm doing something right.
Here, finally, are the most recent Ramshackle Pictures, from the 9th of January. Sorry it took so damn long...

J's part of the stage didn't have very good lighting.
He is way under-represented in this shoot.

risking broken ankles and embarrassment to climb on stage for a good shot

The set list, for those who missed out.

Tony, however, had very good lighting on his part of the stage-
There were too many excellent photos of him!

On another note, Uni offers just came out. Got into my second preference, so as of now I begin studying fine arts at COFA on the 28th of February, 2011. Untill the 3rd or 10th, when hopefully I will get a late offer from UTS. It's scary to have my studies for next year confirmed already, I don't even have to reapply! Eek!
Now I am off to do some job hunting (eurgh so not in the mood...) Good luck to myself.

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  1. Brilliant photographs!!! Looks amazing!
    Tomorrow x